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We have combined the best aspects of large-agency experience with small-agency culture and dedication to serve a client base of emerging and medium-sized companies, divisions of large corporations, and publicly held companies. We serve clients from around the world: Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Detroit; the U.K., Sweden, Germany, France, Russia, India, Israel, and Canada.

Our goal, supported by our business model, is to spend more time with our clients than on agency business so we can learn our clients' business and objectives and develop and execute programs tied to the clients' bottom-line, help gain the attention of prospective customers, keep the attention of current customers, and position the company for growth. We design our programs with ROI in mind, not just to do something cool but doesn't generate results.

Large agencies, on the other hand, have to focus on growing their bottom-line by significant percentages in order to remain profitable. By limiting our size and client focus, we can remain profitable without having to churn clients and dilute our senior ranks. We can choose to work for the clients we want to, and that has translated into even better client service.

Our approach to clients is to develop long-term trusted client relationships and to provide senior-level access and attention unavailable at huge agencies – and that's been paying off for us and our clients, a third of whom have worked with us three or more years.

Seeing our role as business partners and counselors to our clients, we develop recommendations designed to help our clients maximize the current short-term situation and also position them, and do what needs to be done, to help them achieve their long-term objectives.

We look for clients who:

  • have a clear business strategy;
  • understand what their company represents, where the company is headed, and their CEO's vision and strategy;
  • can discuss short- and long-term communications objectives;
  • have interesting, compelling technology, services or expertise that is not "me-too," but makes a difference in its category;
  • fit in with, but do not compete against, our other clients;
  • look for good chemistry and teamwork – two qualities critical to developing trusted relationships;
  • share a sense of urgency so that both organizations can succeed;
  • are motivated by challenges;
  • bring a sense of fun (while taking the business at-hand seriously).








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