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The Challenge

Fullcut Manufacturers, Inc., a New York City diamond importer, decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Though well known in its industry, the company had never before used PR, and had done only sporadic advertising. The goal was to celebrate its anniversary, announce a move to a new address, thank its customers and reassure business partners that it was poised for another 50 years. The goal was to generate publicity in trade publications.

Strategic Execution At Work

  • Draft background press materials – since the company had never developed any – including the anniversary announcement.
  • Develop media list, targeting main trade publications with a different story angles.

The Results

Generated coverage in four key publications that included:

  • key messages about the company's heritage as a pioneer in the industry;
  • news about the company's new location;
  • and a statement from the founder that thanked customers for their support over the past 50 years and discussed a vision for the next 50 years.

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