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When several members of the Birnbach Communications team started working for an Internet security company, it had a fast-growing business but was not well known beyond the security trade publications.

The challenges

  • The client made intrusion detection software that checks to see if a network or system has been hacked – but most of the security coverage in mainstream outlets was based on viruses, which goes beyond the company's core competency.
  • There are some very large security companies. We wanted to raise the visibility of our client's top executives with key media, potential and current customers and investors, the industry, the White House and on Capital Hill.

The opportunity

  • Leverage interest in distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) that (temporarily) shut down high profile websites like Yahoo.

The activity

  • Mobilized team to secure widespread national broadcast, print and online media coverage of the company.
  • Contacted core list of security-minded reporters, then expanded reach to top national outlets.
  • Developed briefing materials on top-tier reporters prior to interviews.
  • Coordinated and moderated interviews.

The results

  • Total media interviews: 108 with: Associated Press, Business Week, Dow Jones, Financial Times, Forbes, Industry Standard, New York, Upside Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and more. The Wall Street Journal quoted Tom Noonan and Chris Klaus on consecutive days.
  • Television appearances: 20 on ABC World News' "Tonight with Peter Jennings," "NBC Nightly News," "Fox News Live," CNN, CNNfn, and CNBC’s "Business Center" and "Market Wrap.

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