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Hollywood has produced any number of movies set in the publishing world – "Wolf," "Last Days of Disco," and "Fatal Attraction" – but they generally get at least one thing wrong: no one ever reads in those movies. Whether supporting a book or a publishing company, it is important to understand the culture of a fairly rigidly defined world because the reporters and book reviewers who cover this world certainly do. There is a big divide between book and magazine publishing, between academic and journal publishing, between non-fiction and fiction. That is why, for example, The New York Times has two reporters covering the publishing industry: one who covers the book industry and another who covers magazines. That does not even include book reviewers.

Birnbach Communications has extensive publishing knowledge, with editorial and marketing experience in book and magazine publishing. As editors at Bantam Books, Addison-Wesley and John Wiley & Sons, we have acquired and edited manuscripts and developed marketing plans in conjunction with publicity departments. We conducted a corporate communications program for one of the country's oldest independent publisger, with a program that helped the company successfully stave off a potential hostile takeover. We have also staffed book tours for "The California Nutrition Book" by Paul Saltman, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego; supported two books commemorating Corning's 150th Anniversary ("The Generations of Corning" and "Corning and the Craft of Innovation"), and the 3rd edition of a leading academic book on pricing strategy. We have also worked with technology analysts GilderGroup, publisher of the New Economy Watch magazine, to launch its New Economy Watch conference in conjunction with the Forbes Conferences Group.

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