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From travel provider to transportation consultants to online travel site, we have a broad range of travel and transportation experience. We understand what appeals to the four distinct types of transportation and travel reporters: Financial reporters (who cover revenue, earnings and layoffs); transportation reporters, (who cover public policy, regulations, and government regulations); business travel reporters (who cover road warriors, how companies can save money, travel trends and surveys, etc.) and travel/leisure writers (who cover destinations, packages, and also travel trends, surveys, airfares, etc.).

We have written bylined articles on a range of topics for a global consultantís transportation division, including improving aviation security, increasing aircraft maintenance productivity while lowering costs, and improving customer satisfaction at hotels. We understand the travel agent's role – and our experience includes helping a major car rental company mend broken fences with this important constituency. We understand how to appeal to consumers, securing on-air spots for an online travel directions site to provide Thanksgiving travel advice. Our experience also includes developing a "Backseat Driver" survey and working with travel guru Arthur Frommer on behalf of a major car rental client.

The complex transportation industry changed dramatically after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and we have advised our clients on addressing their communications objectives in the new environment.

We have worked with Massport's Logan Airport on a project that helped raise awareness that since 9/11, Logan Airport has become a leading force in evaluating and implementing new security technologies. Our work, on behalf of our client, VistaScape Security Systems, generated more than 20 placements in top-tier media such as Business Week, Associated Press, UPI, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, CNN, and all local affiliates. More than 95 percent of the coverage was extremely positive, picking up key messages, such as "an army of eyes that don't blink," "the perfect security guard," etc., giving good visibility to Massport and VistaScape.

According to Mass High Tech, "The media coverage of going into trials at Boston Logan Airport last week was a public relations triumph. So much so that even if the company doesn't win a contract at the end of the Logan pilot program, (it) goes home with a lot of free exposure."

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