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Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Receives U.S. Patent for Once-A-Week Human Insulin" (Aug. 9, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Depression Linked to Consuming an Inflammatory Diet, Increasing Risk of Frailty" (July 19, 2022)
Heebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife’s Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone Named Top 10 Neuroscientist by" (July 13, 2022) 

Hebrew SeniorLife: "New Study Finds a Mediterranean-Style Diet May Reduce Likelihood of Frailty: Frailty occurs in 10-15% of the population but a new study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that consuming a Mediterranean-style diet may prevent frailty. Changing their diet can help people prevent frailty" (June 27, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Biolexis and Akston Biosciences Announce Encouraging Top-Line Results from Phase II/III Trial of their Thermostable 2nd Gen COVID-19 Vaccine" (June 24, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: “Hebrew SeniorLife Appoints New Medical Director for Hebrew Rehabilitation Center: Dr. Matthew Shuster brings years of experience in compassionate and coordinated care” (June 15, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: “Akston Biosciences Doses First Participants in Phase II Clinical Trial for Shelf-Stable COVID-19 Booster” (May 12, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: “Hebrew SeniorLife Honors Nursing Staff at Academic Celebration: Carline Cenat, Registered Nurse, recognized as R.N. of the Year and Dadie Petit-Frere, P.C.A., as Personal Care Associate of the Year” (May 5, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: “Helping Senior Homeowners Move Forward" Webinar, April 27: Free Info Session for Real Estate Professionals to Offer Tips to Address Seller Hesitancy” (April 25, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: “Hebrew SeniorLife Receives State Job Training Grants: The funds will be used to provide training and placement services to prepare 105 unemployed and underemployed participants for CNA positions” (April 22, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: “Jazz Singer Donna Byrne Kicks off 23rd Year of Orchard Cove Scholarship Fund” (April 21, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences CEO to Present at the World Vaccine Congress: Akston’s AKS-452 COVID-19 vaccine is shortlisted for Best New Vaccine Technology/Platform in Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) Awards" (April 12, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Doses First Volunteers in Phase II/III Clinical Trial of Low Cost, Shelf Stable COVID-19 Vaccine" (April 7, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Researchers develop scoring tool to measure severity of delirium: Severity scores can guide patient-centered care, study suggests" (March 31, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Receives Regulatory Approval for Phase II Clinical Trial for Shelf-Stable COVID-19 Vaccine Booster" (March 31, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences and Biolexis Collaborate to Launch a Room Temperature Stable 2nd Generation COVID-19 Vaccine in 130+ Countries" (March 17, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Receives Hospice Care Award: Hebrew SeniorLife Hospice Care, Offered in 16 Communities, is Recognized for Bringing Meaning and Fulfillment in Final Stages of Life" (March 8, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Named An Age-Friendly Health System: Institute of Healthcare Improvement Recognized Hebrew Rehabilitation Center’s Campuses in Roslindale and Dedham" (March 7, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Study Finds Geriatric Depression Can Be Treated By Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation" (March 3, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Financing Closes on Simon C. Fireman Expansion in Randolph: Construction Begins This Week on 45 Affordable Senior Homes with Supportive Services in a Passive House-Designed Building" (Feb. 28, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "9 Leyland, First Affordable Senior Housing in Upham’s Corner, Underway: Development and Management Partnership between DBEDC and Hebrew SeniorLife Supports Seniors to Age Well in Community" (Feb. 24, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Announces Publication in Vaccine of Positive Data for a Room Temperature Protein Subunit COVID-19 Vaccine: Shelf stable for at least 6 months, the low-cost SARS-CoV-2 vaccine can be efficiently manufactured anywhere in the world using abundant existing infrastructure" (Feb. 8, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Appoints Linda Thompson as Chief People Officer:Seasoned executive brings deep employee engagement knowledge and HR management experience to New England's largest nonprofit provider of senior health and living communities" (Jan. 31, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "New Study Finds Staff Assumptions about Race Play a Role in the Variability of Care of Nursing Homes Residents with Advanced Dementia" (Jan. 24, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: “A Multifaceted Statewide COVID-19 Infection Control Program in Massachusetts Nursing Homes Reduced Infection Rates in the Most Vulnerable Residents” (Jan. 11, 2022)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "’Helping Aging Parents’ Webinar This Friday" (Jan. 10, 2022)

Vortex: "Vortex Names Sylvain Dugas as COO" (Jan. 4, 2022)

Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Announces Positive Top-Line Data from Phase II Study of COVID-19 Vaccine in the Netherlands" (Dec. 22, 2021)

SEQENS: "Change in SEQENS’ shareholding structure: SEQENS is now stronger, more focused and positioned as one of the world's leading players in pharmaceutical solutions and specialty ingredients" (Dec. 17, 2021)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Study Shows that Consumption of a Pro-Inflammatory Diet is Associated with Increased Odds of Frailty Onset in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Regularly Eating Nutrients Such as Dietary Fiber and Dietary Antioxidants May Prevent Older Adults from Becoming Frail: (Dec. 7, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Named a Boston Globe Top Place to Work 2021:Nonprofit Senior Care Organization Ranked 24th of the Top Largest Companies" (Dec. 2, 2021)
Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Doses First Subjects in Phase II Clinical Trial in India of Second-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine" (Nov. 20, 2021)
Vortex International: "Vortex International Launches Dream Tunnel™, World’s First Fully Immersive Aquatic Attraction at IAAPA Expo: Experience Dream Tunnel™ at Booth #934 at the IAAPA Expo from Nov. 16-19 in Orlando" (Nov. 15, 2021)

Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Named a Top Place to Work for 2021 by The Boston Globe: Nonprofit Senior Care Organization Ranked 24th of the Top Largest Companies" (Nov. 5, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Solarea Bio Teams up with Hebrew SeniorLife Investigators on a Newly Awarded U.S. National Academy of Medicine Catalyst Grant; Healthy Longevity Initiative Grant Awarded to Study the Mycobiome as a Novel Class of Probiotics to Target Inflammaging" (Nov. 4, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Launches 'The Age of Opportunity': Campaign Addresses Urgent and Advancing Needs of Seniors from All Walks of Life" (Nov. 2, 2021)
Lumen Technologies: "Lumen and Cisco expand their partnership to help businesses embrace the future of work with advanced communication and collaboration solutions" (Oct. 25, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Social Determinants of Health Provide Better Understanding of Brain Vulnerability to Delirium: Hebrew SeniorLife Study Advances an Understanding of the Factors that Improve Health Outcomes in Older Adults" (Oct. 25, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife's 8th Annual EngAGE Brings Entertainment with Mavis Staples and Mandy Patinkin: Raising Funds to Change the Way We Age for Future Generations" (Oct. 7, 2021)
Seqens CDMO NA: "Seqens Appoints Bob Huang Managing Director of North American CDMO Operations:Sanofi Veteran to Expand Seqens’ Global Footprint, Build Upon Strong Local Presence" (Sept. 14, 2021)
Regis College: "Regis College Offers Tuition Discounts to Hebrew SeniorLife Employees" (Sept. 10, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife to Offer New Tuition Discount Benefit to All Employees; Agreements with Drexel, Quinnipiac, Regis, and Other Higher Ed Institutions Expand Learning Opportunities for Employees" (Sept. 10, 2021)
Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Doses First Subjects in Phase II Clinical Trial of Second-Generation Protein Subunit COVID-19 Vaccine" (Aug. 5, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: “Hebrew SeniorLife Makes COVID-19 Vaccination a Condition of Employment: Effective October 1, 2021, Requirement Designed to Protect the Health and Safety of Patients, Residents, and Employees” (July 26, 2021)
Hebrew SeniorLife: "Hebrew SeniorLife Receives The John A. Hartford Foundation 2021 Business Innovation Award: n4a’s Aging and Disability Business Institute Recognized Hebrew SeniorLife for its Innovative Program that Integrates Health Care Services and Housing" (July 21, 2021)
Akston Bioscience: "Akston Biosciences Announces Commercial Supply Agreement of Seppic’s Adjuvant to Formulate Akston Shelf-stable COVID-19 Vaccine at Global Scale;New data shows protein-based AKS-452 vaccine is shelf-stable for six months at 25° C (77° F)" (July 21, 2021)
Akston Bioscience: "Akston Biosciences Announces Positive Phase I Data for Second-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate" (July 8, 2021)
Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Launches Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Second-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine" (April 12, 2021)
Lumen Technologies: "Lumen Technologies to host Analyst Day on Wednesday, April 7" (March 23, 2021)
The University Medical Center Groningen: "UMCG is investigating candidate vaccine against corona and is looking for volunteers. This is the AKS-452 vaccine from Akston Biosciences in the United States" (March 18, 2021)
Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences Signs Licensing Agreement with Dechra Pharma for AKS-425c, a Once-a-Week Insulin Therapy for Cats Follows earlier agreement between Akston and Dechra for AKS-321d, a once-a-week insulin therapy for dogs" (Feb. 9, 2021)
Akston Biosciences: "Akston Biosciences and LakePharma Announce Strategic Partnership to Manufacture Second-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine A vaccine for everywhere and everyone in the world, AKS-452 is stable for weeks at room temperature, inexpensive to produce, and suitable for both first-time and booster vaccination" (Jan. 5, 2021)

Seqens CDMO NA: "Seqens CDMO NA Identifies Key Trends Impacting Industry in 2021: Issues generated by COVID-19 in distribution and supply chain will be key considerations" (Dec. 21, 2020)
Rune Labs: "Rune Labs Closes $5M Seed RoundUniversity of Minnesota joins other leading universities as academic partner" (Oct. 26, 2020)
Seqens CDMO NA: "Seqens CDMO North America Appoints Jean-Noel David as Managing Director" (Sept. 15, 2020)
Akston Biosciences: "TRACER to support Akston Biosciences’ Phase 1 clinical study of AKS-452, an innovative anti-COVID-19 vaccine" (Sept. 1, 2020)
Seqens CDMO: "SEQENS inaugurates an innovative HPAPI unit at its century-old active pharmaceutical ingredient production site" (Aug. 31, 2020)
Seqens CDMO: "Seqens CDMO to enhance flow chemistry capabilities at its Seqens'Lab R&D center for efficient and safe synthesis of APIs and intermediates; By end of 2020, Seqens'Lab will add GMP pilot plant to its continuous bench reactors and analytical tools to increase capacity to handle difficult reactions, intermediates and APIs" (June 3, 2020)
Seqens CDMO: "Seqens mobilizes its innovation to support the unprecedented research on the COVID-19; Prepares its unique industrial network for anti-virus production, including hydroxychloroquine" (May 5, 2020)
Bambu Vault: "Instant Color Chemsitry Expert, Bambu Vault, Is Developing Rapid COVID-19 Test Kit iin Response to President Trump's Call to Action:" The company is uniquely positioned to develop an instant solution to identify pathogens and viruses in or on the body, quickly, actuately and in an eay-to-find consumer package" (March 12, 2020)
Seqens: "Seqens North America Identifies Trends Affecting the Generic Drugs Sector in 2020: Supply Chain Issues, the Need for Additional Talent Chemists, Lower Drug Prices, Growth of Development in the U.S. Will Be Key Factors" (Jan. 15, 2020)
Seqens: "Seqens launches SEQENZYM®, Enzyme Kits selected among an extensive library of Extremophile Strains for Fast Early Screening of Biocatalysts" (Jan. 9, 2020)
Vortex International: "Vortex International Opens New Headquarters to Significantly Expand Manufacturing Capabilities and to Facilitate Collaboration, Creativity and Productivity" Dec. 10, 2019)
Vortex International: "Vortex International inaugure un nouveau siège social pour accroître de manière importante sa capacité de fabrication et pour faciliter la collaboration, la créativité et la productivité" (Dec. 10, 2019)
INQUE: "INQUE Disrupts Tattoo Industry with Safer Ink That Can Be Turned Off in One Session First use of technology is INQUEAlert medical-alert tattoos for life-threatening conditions" (Nov. 12, , 2019)
Center for Excellence in Education: "New Index of Excellence in STEM Education Compares U.S. Students to Global Competition: Analyzes Student Performance in STEM-related Global Academic Competitions; U.S. Shows Improvement, but China Dominates" (Oct. 15, 2019)
Vortex: "Vortex International Wins 2nd World Waterpark Association Leading Edge Award" (Oct. 8, 2019)
Bambu Global: "On Anniversary of Corporate Rebranding, Bambu Global Shares Key Corporate Milestones: Expands Staff; Wins Customer Contracts; Achieves Breakthroughs in Renewable Energy, Cool Paints, Luminescent Coatings, Safe Tattoos and Other Technologies" (Sept. 23, 2019)
Seqens: "Seqens to Unveil New Innovation and Development Center of Excellence: Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Secretary of State to the Minister of  Economy and Finance to participate in the opening" (June 18, 2019)
Aurea Lighting: "Aurea Lighting Debuts Game-Changing Healthy LED Lighting That Improves Alertness And Productivity Without Sacrificing Energy Efficiency" (May 2019)
SEQENS NA: "SEQENS North America Wins Big at 2019 Life Science Leader Magazine CMO Leadership Awards; Wins 'Top Performer' in 12 categories" (March 25, 2019)
SEQENS NA: "SEQENS North America picks up six 2019 Life Science CMO Leaderships Awards; Has now won 30 CMO Leadership Awards since 2014" (March 11, 2019)
Nygra Coatings: "Nygra Coatings’ Flex White Receives Exceptional Cool Paint Rating, Placing It Among Best in Class to Reduce Energy Costs" (Feb. 7, 2019)
Canopy Defense: "Former US Navy Captain, Dr. Charles Stuppard appointed as General Manager of Canopy Defense; With expertise in logistics and operations, new GM will help drive company to achieve its mission" (Jan. 10, 2019)
SEQENS: "PCI Synthesis to Change its Name to SEQENS:A new name for a global leader in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty ingredients" (Dec. 19, 2018)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Identifies Trends Affecting the Generic Drugs Sector in 2019: A Shift to Outsourcing, Practical Innovation, Increased Reliance on Raw Material and Faster FDA Approvals Dominate the Sector in 2019" (Dec. 11, 2018)
Campus Anti-Semitism Task Force of the North Shore: "Campus Anti-Semitism Task Force of the North Shore to Host Third Program to Help High School Students Identify and Respond to Anti-Semitism on College Campuses, Nov. 1st from 5:30-7pm; Free interactive training is designed to support college-bound teens" (Oct. 5, 2018)
Vortex Aquatics: "Vortex International Makes the Growth 500 List for 4th Consecutive Year; Focus on offering innovative products, design services and local sales and support offices continues to fuel growth" (Sept. 13, 2018)
PCI Synthesis: "Novacap completes the acquisition of PCI Synthesis and expands its pharmaceutical offerings in the U.S.; This acquisition validates our strategy, resources, offerings as well as our great employees and wonderful customers" (June 28, 2018)
PCI Synthesis: "Novacap to expand its pharmaceutical offering in the U.S. with the acquisition of PCI Synthesis: The combination of the two companies will provide PCI Synthesis with additional resources to continue its development while reinforcing Novacap’s global leadership" (June 20, 2018)
STEM for All: "TERC Hosts the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase, May 14th-21st: Now in its 4th year, the STEM for All Video Showcase will feature three-minute video presentations and online discussions from 215 federally-funded innovative projects aimed at improving science, mathematics, engineering, technology and computer science learning" (May 14, 2018)
welaunch: "Nonprofit welaunch to Facilitate Access to Israel’s Ag-Tech Innovations for Silicon Prairie" (March 14, 2018)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Celebrates Key Milestones Including 4th Consecutive Year of Double-Digit Growth, 2 Commercial Approvals and a New Office in San Diego" (Feb. 27, 2018)
Campus Anti-Semitism Task Force: "Campus Anti-Semitism Task Force of the North Shore to Host “What’s Up at College: How to Identify and Respond to Campus Anti-Semitism,” March 22nd from 5:30-7pm; Free interactive training session, featuring current college students, recent alumni and campus professionals, is designed to support college-bound teens" (Feb. 26, 2018)
welaunch: "Nonprofit welaunch to Co-sponsor an Ag-tech and Food-tech Tour of Israel to Establish Business Ties Between Silicon Prairie and the Start-up Nation; The Israel Ag-tech & Food-tech Conference & Tour will be held May 6-10" (Feb. 21, 2018)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Submits Patent for Synthesizing Azelaic Acid" (Jan. 30, 2018)
STEM for All by TERC: "Register Now to be a Presenter in the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase; The 4th Annual Video Showcase, hosted by TERC and funded by NSF, will address the theme: 'Transforming the STEM Education Landscape.' Registration closes February 15th" (Jan. 10, 2018)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Identifies Trends Affecting the Generic Drugs Sector in 2018: Innovation is driving the sector from medical polymers to pharma foods" (Dec. 18, 2017)
PCI Synthesis: "Scott VanderWel Joins PCI Synthesis as Business Development Manager; Opens San Diego Office to Better Serve West Coast Emerging Pharma Sector" (Nov. 15, 2017)
Campus Anti-Semitism Task Force: "Campus Anti-Semitism Task Force of the North Shore to Host “What’s Up at College: How Anti-Semitism is Affecting College Life,” Oct. 29th from 5:30-7pm: Panel discussion featuring current college students, recent alumni and campus professionals about Jewish life on campus for parents and teens" (Oct. 17, 2017)
Thermalin: "Thermalin Announces: Collaboration with Sanofi to Develop Next Generation Insulin Therapies; First Closing on $17.5M Series A Preferred Financing to Support its Cleveland-based R&D Team" (Sept. 28, 2017)
Vortex: "Vortex International Debuts New Explora Splashpad® Collection at 2017 NRPA Annual Conference" (Sept. 26, 2017)
Vortex International: "Vortex International lance Explora, la nouvelle collection de SplashpadMD, à l’occasion de la conférence annuelle de la National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA)" (Sept. 26, 2017)
Vortex: "Vortex International Makes the PROFIT 500 List for 3rd Consecutive Year" (Sept. 20, 2017)
Vortex International: "Vortex International figure sur la liste PROFIT 500 pour une 3e année consécutive" (Sept. 20, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics Announces Mega-Sponsorship of Splunk .conf2017: Enables enterprises and service providers to deliver Splunk as a service" (Sept. 18, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics Signs Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro; Fast-Growing Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Provider Joins Ingram Micro’s Emerging Vendor Initiative" (Aug. 15, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics Announces Enhanced Security in its Cloud Platform: Compliant with the strictest federal government security standards to accelerate and expand government, healthcare, finance, and insurance customer deployments" (Aug. 9, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics Strengthens Leadership Team to Accelerate Growth with Managed Solutions Providers; Three industry leaders to drive growing demand for hybrid clouds" (July 27, 2017)
Vortex International: "Vortex International Promotes Virginie Guilbeault and Louis Parent to Senior Management Positions" (July 25, 2017)
Vortex International: "Vortex International promeut Virginie Guilbeault et Louis Parent à des postes au sein de la direction générale" (July 25, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics Announces New Cloud Computing Program That Enables High Margin Reoccurring Revenue Models for MSPs:With Cloudistics StarterCloud and ReadyCloud, MSPs have new, cost-effective alternative to public clouds" (June 7, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner for Cloud Infrastructure: Follows recognition as IDC Innovator and CNBC’s 'Upstart 25'" (June 1, 2017)
STEM for All: "TERC Hosts 2017 STEM for All Video Showcase, Funded by NSF, to Highlight Innovation in STEM Education" (May 15, 2017)
Link-Systems: "California Community Colleges’ Online Education Initiative Extends Partnership with Link-Systems International: Joins Other Statewide Partnerships with Mississippi, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin and Wyoming" (April 27, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics® Named an IDC Innovator for Virtual Infrastructure; Continued validation of CNBC's 'Upstart 25' and from Business Insider, Storage Magazine & CRN" (April 20, 2017)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Wins Big at 2017 Life Science Leader Magazine CMO Leadership Awards; Wins “Top Performer” in all 14 categories" (March 23, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics® Ignite 3.0 Delivers Splunk: The first full end-to-end Splunk-ready on-premises cloud platform configured for out-of-the-box use" (March 14, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics® Named to CNBC’s First-ever Upstart 25 of Promising Start-ups
Follows being named one of '38 enterprise startups that will boom in 2017' by Business Insider
" (March 1, 2017)
Link-Systems Int. "New NetTutor Offering From Link-Systems International Supports Higher-Ed Success Courses; 52% of 4-year Colleges Require These Courses" (Feb. 22, 2017)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis picks up Life Science CMO Leaderships Awards in all six categories; Has now won 14 awards over the last 4 years of the award program" (Feb. 1, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics® Launches Its Next Major Release of its On-Prem Cloud Platform on
the Back of Another Record Quarter; Delivers public cloud experience and economics through
its high-performance, composable on-premises cloud platform
" (Feb. 1, 2017)
Link-Systems Int.: "EdTech Industry Pioneer Link-Systems International Issues Trends for 2017: Personalized learning, Open-source textbooks and community colleges to be big" (Jan. 24, 2017)
Copiia Agro & Food: "New Non-Chemical Treatment Shows Success Against Multi-Billion Dollar Agricultural Scourge: e-Nema Teams with Copia Agro & Food Venture Fund to Introduce Bio-Nematiide Based on Israeli Technology" (Jan. 24, 2017)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics® Ignite Named Finalist in Storage Magazine’s 2016 Product of the Year Awards: Ignite also named one of '10 Coolest Hyper-Converged Products of 2016' by CRN" (Jan. 17, 2017)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Identifies Trends Affecting the Generic Drugs Sector in 2017; Tighter capacity, more consolidation and unknown regulatory impact of FDA will affect the sector" (Dec. 19, 2016)
Copia Agro & Food: "New $50M Fund to Transform Israel's Agriculture & Food Tech Industry: Copia Agro & Food; Six Projects Already Operative with Israeli and International Business Partners" (Dec. 7, 2016)
Cloudistics: "Cloudistics® and Pica8® Partner to Deliver Secure Virtual Networking for Superconverged Infrastructures: Native network virtualization, micro-segmentation and network function virtualization delivers secure connectivity and control between applications and the infrastructure stack" (Dec. 1, 2016)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Wins Best NCE Manufacturer in 2016" (Nov. 29, 2016)
Averica Discovery Services: "Canadian-based Neopharm Labs Completes Acquisition of Boston-Based Averica Discovery Services; The combined expertise creates a key player in the North American analytical market" (Nov. 3, 2016)
Vortex Aquatic Structures International: "Vortex International to Sponsor Best of the Best Awards at the 2016 National Recreation and Park Association Conference" (Sept. 29, 2016)
Link-Systems Int.: "Link-Systems International Opens New Office in Tempe, AZ to Continue Corporate Growth; Hiring additional on-site tutors for online NetTutor service to meet ongoing demand" (Sept. 29, 2016)
Vortex Aquatic Structures International: "Vortex International Makes the PROFIT 500 List for 2nd Consecutive Year" (Sept. 16, 2016)
Vortex Aquatic Structures International: "Vortex International figure sur la liste PROFIT 500 pour une 2e année consécutive" (Sept. 16, 2016)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis obtains DEA registration for controlled substance development and manufacturing; Expands capabilities to handle cGMP development for schedule II, III, IV and V" (Sept. 14, 2016)
Lnk-Systems Int.: "Link-Systems International Appears on the Inc. 5000 list for 3rd Consecutive Year: Ranking No. 3264 with Three-Year Sales Growth of 102%, Validates Business and Technology" (Aug. 22, 2016)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Ranks No. 4730 on the 2016 Inc. 5000:Three-Year Sales Growth Enables Company To Reinvest In New Technologies" (Aug. 18, 2016)
Link-Systems: "NetTutor Reaches Significant Milestone: More than 3 Million Tutoring Sessions: Link-Systems International’s online tutoring service provides support for students at hundreds of community, public/private and online colleges" (July 20, 2016)
Vortex International: "Vortex International’s Water Journey Wins 2016 MVP from Aquatics International Magazine" (June 6, 2016)
Vortex International: "Le Water Journey de Vortex International remporte le prix MVP 2016 décerné par le magazine Aquatics International" (June 6, 2016)
Averica Discovery Services: "Averica and Dalton Announce Analytical Chemistry Services Agreement" (June 7, 2016)
Averica Discovery Services: "Averica Discovery Expands Capabilities and Capacity by 50%; Enhances Ability to Supply Early Drug Development Programs While Shortening Project Timelines" (June 2, 2016)
Link-Systems International: "Link-Systems Launches WorldWideWhiteboard® 6.0 with Breakthrough Collaborative Technology; Enables a new level of collaboration to facilitate online learning and student support" (April 21, 2016)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Announces the Addition of Its cGMP Advanced Polymer Development and Manufacturing Group; The team has experience with developing polymeric materials for implantable medical devices, drug delivery technologies, therapeutics, excipients and medical-grade coatings" (April 19, 2016)
Vortex International: "Vortex International Appoints Virginie Guilbeault to New Role as VP Business Development, Europe/Middle East" (March 16, 2016)
Vortex International: "Vortex International promeut Virginie Guilbeault au poste de vice-présidente du développement pour l'Europe et le Moyen Orient" (March 16, 2016)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis picks up two Life Science Leader Awards; Has won eight awards across all major categories" (Feb. 9, 2016)
Averica Discovery Services: "Averica Discovery Appoints Cynthia Berger, Ph.D., as VP of Operations" (Jan. 20, 2016)
Edvisors: "Free Filing the FAFSA Book From Edvisors Provides Step-by-Step Instructions and Makes It Easier to Complete The Form; 3rd Edition of eBook Revised for 2016-17" (Jan. 6, 2016)
Vortex International: "Vortex Wins Prestigious Global Design Award for Its Water Journey™ Solution; Chicago Athenaeum’s Good Design Award conferred for highest form, function and aesthetics" (Dec. 17, 2015)
Vortex International: "Vortex remporte un prestigieux prix de design international pour sa solution Water JourneyMC; Le prix Good Design du Chicago Athenaeum récompense l’excellence en matière de forme, de fonction et d’esthétique" (Dec. 17,2015)
PromptWorks: "PromptWorks Announces Trends for 2016, Sees Growth in Productizing Predictive Statistical Models, Tapping Into Data from IoT and Wearable Tech" (Dec. 16, 2015)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Predicts Key Trends Affecting The Generic Drugs Sector in 2016: Company Sees Faster FDA Approvals, Higher Fees Due to GDUFA and Robust Demand for CROs and CMOs" (Dec. 14, 2015)
Vortex International: "Vortex International Acquires AquaBlue; Positions Vortex to better serve municipal and commercial segments withwaterslides" (Nov. 13, 2015)
Vortex International: "Vortex International acquiert AquaBlue; Positionnement de Vortex pour mieux répondre aux besoins en toboggans aquatiques des segments municipal et commercial" (Nov. 13, , 2015)
Edvisors: "Edvisors unveils paying-for-college trends for 2016" (Nov. 9, 2015)
Blue Stream Labs: "Blue Stream Laboratories Adds Capacity to Accommodate Continued Growth in Biosimilars" (Nov. 4, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International Continues Manufacturing Expansion: Enhanced Manufacturing Capacity Enables More Complex and Innovative Designs to Delight and Inspire Customer" (Oct. 20,2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International poursuit l'agrandissement de ses installations de fabrication: L’augmentation de la capacité de production permet de combler et d’inspirer les clients grâce à des créations toujours plus complexes et novatrices" (Oct. 20, 2015)
Blue Stream Labs: "Blue Stream Laboratories Expands Its Antibody-Drug Conjugates Capabilities; Will Exhibit at the World ADC 2015, Oct. 19-22 in San Diego, Booth #18" (Oct. 14, 2015)
New England CRO/CMO Council: "New England CRO/CMO Council to Hold Town Hall Meeting and Discussion featuring Travis McCready, President/CEO of the Mass Life Science Center and Michael Kennealy, Assistant Secretary for Business Growth in the Office of Housing and Economic Development" (Oct. 8, 2015)
Digital Reasoning: "Digital Reasoning Wants To Help You Teach Machines Natural Language Understanding; Launches Beta program for Synthesys Studio at Big Data Conference in New York City" (Oct. 1, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International Earns a Spot on the 2015 PROFIT 500; PROFIT Magazine Unveils 27th Annual List of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies" (Sept. 17, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International se taille une place au classement PROFIT 500" (Sept. 17,, 2015)
Edvisors: "Edvisors Publishes Twisdoms About Paying for College; Provides Smart, Insider Tips to Students, Parents and Educators" (Aug. 25, 2015)
Edvisors: "Edvisors Issues White Paper that Proposes a Free 2-year and 4-year College Education, with Free Tuition & Required Fees and Free Textbooks; Free College Tuition is Possible without Increasing Government Spending" (Aug. 20, 2015)
Averica: "Averica Presentation at SFC 2015 Focuses on Economic Impact of Technology and Design" (July 22, 2015)
PromptWorks: "PromptWorks Grows in Customers, Employees and Awards During Its Second Anniversary Year" (July 21, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International President and CEO Stephen Hamelin Named Finalist for Prestigious EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award; Recognition Places Hamelin Among Top Entrepreneurs in Canada" (July 15, 2015)
Vortex: "Stephen Hamelin, président et chef de la direction de Vortex International, finaliste du prestigieux Grand Prix de l’Entrepreneur d’EY; M. Hamelin reconnu comme figurant parmi les meilleurs entrepreneurs du Canada" (July 15, 2015)
Digital Reasoning: "Digital Reasoning Receives Top Honors, Voted as the 2015 FX Week Best e-Surveillance Solution Provider: Award recognizes innovative approach to identifying and mitigating human risk" (July 14, 2015)
Averica Discovery Services: "Averica Sponsors Back Bay Cycling Club (B2C2); Team Averica's Elite Women Cyclocross Racers to Compete at Regional and National Events, Promoting Awareness for Women Racers at All Levels" (July 8, 2015)
Digital Reasoning: "Digital Reasoning Trains World’s Largest Neural Network, Shatters Record Previously Set by Google; Results to be shared at 32nd International Conference on Machine Learning in Lille, France" (July 7, 2015)
PromptWorks: "PromptWorks Helps Clean Markets Win a CBEI Commercialization Challenge; Software Development Expertise Is a Key Contributor to B-RIM's Success in CBEI Commercialization Challenge" (July 6, 2015) "Two Marblehead Startups Reinvent the Office and How We Work for a Healthier Future" (July 1, 2015)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI deepens connections with the Greater Boston life sciences community with the signing of a dozen local biotech customers; Momentum continues with new products, staff, and awards" (June 9, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International Wins 2015 MVP Award From Aquatics International Magazine: Cutting-Edge Watermark Recognized in Best New Products" (June 8, 2015)
Vortex: "Water Journey™ Wins GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Award: Innovative Aquatic Play Solution Recognized at Annual Award Gala" (May 19, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International President and CEO Selected for Elite Ivey Program" (May 4, 2015)
Digital Reasoning: "Digital Reasoning Builds Significant Customer Momentum in Financial Services: Announces Availabiity of Next-Generation Electronic Communications Surveillance Solution" (April 24, 2015)
Edvisors: "Top 10 Questions to Ask College Financial Aid Offices" (April 22, 2015)
Edvisors: "Edvisors earns Excellence in Financial Education Literacy Award for bestseller Filing the FAFSA" (April 20, 2015)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Earns Top Life Science Leader Awards for the Second Year in a Row; Awards to Be Presented at CMO Leadership Awards Ceremony and Reception" (March 16, 2015)
New England CRO-CMO Council: "New England CRO/CMO Council Meets with Speaker Robert DeLeo to Address Issues Important to Massachusetts’ CRO/CMO Community; Highlighted key trends and reason to invest in the country’s largest life sciences cluster" (March 10, 2015)
Averica Discovery Services: "Averica Announces Approved DEA Registration to Research Schedule I Controlled Substances; Expands Infrastructure to Support Active Pharmaceutical Research Programs" (Jan. 28, 2015)
Vortex: "Vortex International Strengthens Executive Team With New Hire & Appointment; New VPs in Business Development for North America & International Focused on Growth" (Jan. 22, 2015)
Vortex International: "Nouvelles embauches au sein de l'équipe de direction de Vortex International; Deux nouveaux vice-présidents chargés du développement en Amérique du Nord et à l'étranger" (Jan. 22, 2015)
Vortex International: "Vortex International Opens Office in Spain; Company Continues Expansion With Third European Office" (Jan. 20, 2015)
Vortex International: "Vortex International abre una sucursal en España; La empresa continúa su expansión con su tercera oficina europea" (Jan. 20, 2015)
PCI Synthesis: "SOCMA Welcomes New Members in Second Half of 2014" (Jan. 7, 2015)
Edvisors: "Edvisors Identifies 12 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Filing the FAFSA; Offers Free Filing the FAFSA Book" (Jan. 6, 2015)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Sponsors New England CRO/CMO Council; Non-Profit Organization Designed to Boost Region’s Life Science Cluster" (Dec. 16, 2014)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Announces 2015 Trends and Predictions; Drug Development Costs Will Continue to Increase; GDUFA Still Won't Speed Approvals" (Dec. 9, 2014)
Vortex Aquatics: "Vortex International Launches Cutting-Edge Watermark for Commercial Applications; Demo at IAAPA Attractions Expo Booth 5406 to showcase digital water expressions that create patterns and words via water flow" (Nov. 18, 2014)
Vortex Aquatics: "Vortex International lance Watermark, une solution commerciale de pointe; Démonstration de la technologie qui crée des figures et des mots sur des jets d’eau au kiosque 5 406 de la foire Attractions Expo de l’IAAPA" (Nov. 18, 2014)
Avior Computing: "Avior Announces Award of Process Patent for Multiple Compliance Programs; Significant breakthrough in efficiently managing compliance and quality programs" (Nov. 12, 2014)
Edvisors: "Edvisors Identifies 13 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Repaying College Loans" (Oct. 14, 2014)
Edvisors: "Edvisors Issues Five Smart Borrowing Tips for College; During College Savings Month, Experts Warn of Five Pitfalls to Avoid" (Sept. 30, 2014)
Vortex Aquatics: "Vortex Expands Manufacturing Facility: To meet global demand investment boosts manufacturing capacity to provide faster turn-around times for customers and more R&D to enhance innovation" (Sept. 25, 2014)
Vortex Aquatics: "Vortex International agrandit son usine de fabrication pour répondre à la demande mondiale; L'investissement augmente la capacité de production et permet ainsi de réduire les délais d'exécution pour les clients et d'effectuer davantage d'activités de recherche et développement afin de favoriser l'innovation" (Sept. 25, 2014)
Blue Stream Laboratories: "Blue Stream Laboratories Doubles Capacity to Handle New Clients, Continued Growth; Plans to Increase Hires by 30 Percent to Support Immediate Growth Objectives" (Sept. 24, 2014)
Vortex Aquatics: "Vortex International Opens Offices in France; Two Locations to Serve Growing French Market for Aquatic Play Structures" (Sept. 3, 2014)
Vortex Aquatics: "International ouvre des bureaux en France" (Sept. 3, 2014)
Edvisors: "Mark Kantrowitz and Other Industry Experts From Edvisors Are Available to Provide Insights on Paying for College" (Aug. 19, 2014)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Co-Sponsors Third Annual Massachusetts CRO/CMO Symposium; Record Number of Exhibitors and Attendees Expected for May 5th Event That Spotlights the Important Role of Biotech and Life Science Companies in Greater Boston" (April 22, 2014)
Caren Collection: "Major Institutions Vie for Renowned Caren Collection of Historical Documents; Collector Who Unearthed the "Do Not Publish" Photo of Diana Offers Unparalleled Collection of 200,000 Rare Items" (March 18, 2014)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis to Pick Up Four 2013 CMO Leadership Awards; Awards Dinner to Take Place During DCAT Week in NYC" (March 10, 2014)
Company Folders: "Company Folders Offers Tips, Discount for Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Collateral" (March 5, 2014)
Caren Collection: "Renowned Collector Eric Caren to Sell Unprecedented Collection of 200,000 Historical Documents En Bloc; Contains items that document virtually every significant event from the 16th century to the present" (March 3, 2014)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis announces 2014 trends and predictions; Increased regulatory scrutiny could lead to delays, scarcity and higher priced generics" (Dec. 9, 2013)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI launches innovative product line: phosphonic acids, used in a wide variety of commercial applications" (Dec. 5, 2013)
Company Folders:"Company Folders, Inc. Celebrates 10th Anniversary: Offers 10% discount on all orders site-wide through December 6" (Dec. 4, 2013)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Wins Four 2013 CMO Leadership Awards; Named to 50 Largest Life Science Companies in Massachusetts" (Nov. 4, 2013)
UNIT4: "Sheffield College and UTC Sheffield Select UNIT4 Campus to Support Modernization; Agresso Finance to Support One of UK's Largest Further Education Colleges and One of Its First University Technical Colleges" (Oct. 15, 2013)
UNIT4: "UNIT4 to exhibit at EDUCAUSE 2013 Annual Conference, Oct. 15-18, to showcase new enterprise solution, UNIT4 Campus" (Oct. 8, 2013)
PCI Synthesis: "Glenn Killingworth Joins PCI as VP of Business Development; Will be responsible for helping the company to continue to embrace the next generation of new opportunities for PCI in both existing and new markets worldwide" (Oct. 7, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 develops full Economic Costing solution for research projects in partnership with Universities of Cambridge and Oxford; UNIT4 Agresso Research Costing and Pricing is a result of two years’ innovation with two of the world’s leading research institutions" (Sept. 24, 2013)
Company Folders: "Company Folders, Inc. Offers Free Folder Design Templates Weekly; Browse and download professional Photoshop and Illustrator files" (Sept. 23, 2013)
UNIT4 Software: "UNIT4 boosts focus and investment in bid to become the enterprise software vendor of choice for education and research institutions worldwide" (Sept. 19, 2013)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Announces Successful FDA inspection and Pre-Approval of Two Products; Brings the company's total to eight active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to receive Pre-Approval/Commercial status" (Sept. 18, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software appoints Jim Millard as VP of Sales & Strategic Alliances" (Sept. 17, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Six innovative practices for implementing finance software for transportation and shipping firms" (Sept. 12, 2013)
UNIT4: "UNIT4 ERP software selected as research management backbone for CGIAR research centers; Single integrated system ensures responsiveness to change across research management practices" (Sept. 10, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Five Innovative practices in financial analytics for the insurance industry" (Aug. 29, 2013)
UNIT4 UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 announces significant increase in revenues from Cloud and SaaS for H1 2013; SaaS and Subscriptions revenues exceed license sales for the first time" (Aug. 22, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Five key questions for non-profits considering moving ERP to the cloud" (Aug. 20, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Shipping and trucking companies can gain savings, efficiencies in financial netting; Netting out AR and AP delivers real-time visibility and flexibility" (Aug. 1, 2013)
TruReview: "Yelp and Angie's List Small Business Owners to Get Two Months Free on TruReview; TruReview's Authentic, Online Reviews Offer Credible Information for Consumers Looking to Make Decisions on Products and Services -- and Provides Small Business Owners With a Better Customer Service Platform" (July 31, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Port Coquitlam Moves to UNIT4 Agresso ERP Software to Streamline City Operations; Municipality selects software to eliminate inefficiencies and help provide superior public services" (July 30, 2013)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Establishes New Entity in Southeast Asia; In collaboration with Singapore-based Technolite, Lumenpulse establishes a new Southeast Asian venture" (July 10, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Survey: Business change driving ERP costs sky high despite IT advances; ERP software change issues related to business events are not resolved by newer systems; Business change drives 15% of companies to full re-install after 60% already spent $2.5m+" (June 28, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "New evidence: Microsoft and SAP can’t match UNIT4’s ERP change options; For 5 common business events, UNIT4 Agresso ERP requires IT help in only two of 46 categories; Users say Microsoft Dynamics AX needs recoding in 32 of 46 areas; SAP Enterprise in 46 of 46 areas" (June 27, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Mobile devices boosting workdays by 10%+ from five years ago; Laptops still #1 for making workers more effective at their jobs; UNIT4 Coda Mind Meld Survey Taps Enterprise Software Customers’ Habits/Preferences" (June 25, 2013)
ownCloud: "Enterprise File Sync and Share Now More Secure and Easier to Integrate and Extend with Latest On-Premise ownCloud Enterprise Edition; ownCloud offers enterprises a secure, on-premise, easy-to-integrate and extend file sync and share" (June 25, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software takes on Financial Performance Management giants with latest software launch; UNIT4 Business Software delivers strategic finance capability with integrated Financial Performance Reporting, Consolidation and Cash Management, and ERP; Meets most complex requirements for financial reporting and cash management" (June 20, 2013)
Osterman Research: "Osterman Research: Current File Sync and Share Fraught with Security, Governance and Control Issues for Corporate IT; Enterprise market expected to grow significantly" (June 19, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Four Questions to Ask When Selecting Local Government Software" (June 18. 2013)
Purdex: "Purdex Launches Purdex Score – the First and Only National System to Rate the Health and Safety of Drinking Water; Offers Comparisons to Bottled Water and Insights into Water Filters" (June 17, 2013)
ownCloud: "More Features, Greater Usability for Latest ownCloud Apps, Make Secure, Enterprise File Sync and Share Easier Than Ever: Latest Android and iOS apps offer fast, easy access to ownCloud’s secure enterprise file sync and share server" (June 11, 2013)
Top Image Systems: "Top Image Systems Announces Filing of Patent for Innovative New Product GlassCapture™;Patent Filed for GlassCapture™, a Google Glass Capture Application (Glassware), First Being Presented at TIS Event in NYC" (June 6, 2013)
Top Image Systems: "Top Image Systems Announces Launch of eFLOW5, Its Next-Generation Multichannel Capture & Workflow Platform; First Official eFLOW5 Launch Event in NYC Features Keynote by Independent Analyst and Other Top-Tier Speakers" (June 5, 2013)
ownCloud: "ownCloud Coming to Red Hat Summit in Boston June 11-14; On-premise enterprise file sync and share company to demo latest server and client releases, present on "Liberating Your Files" with partner Vizuri" (June 4, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Six Best Practices in Selecting a Higher Education Software Solution" (June 4, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software releases new Task Management and Analytics mobile applications for UNIT4 Coda Financials and Agresso; UNIT4 Business Software to exhibit at IASA 2013" (June 3, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software Kicks Off UNIT4 Connects 2013" (May 22, 2013)
Company Folders: "Company Folders, Inc. Announces Launch of First-of-Its-Kind Folder Design Gallery" (May 20, 2013)
Compliance Week: "Critical Discourse on Governance, Risk and Compliance at Compliance Week 2013 Conference" (May 8, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 expands cloud capability through Amazon Web Services' Partner Network" (May 7, 2013)
Compliance Week: "Compliance Week Announces Sold-Out Sponsorship for Compliance Week 2013 Conference; Compliance Community Gathers at This Premier Event May 20-22 in Washington, D.C." (April 30, 2013)
The Network: "The Network Sponsors Compliance Week 2013; Supports compliance community’s premier event, May 20–22 in Washington, DC" (April 30, 2013)
Compliance Week: "Compliance Week Europe Conference Debuts October 14-15, 2013; Compliance Community's Premier Event Expands Globally in Response to European Governance, Risk and Compliance Needs" (April 25, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Three retail accounting tips to help retailers leverage the cloud and back office systems" (April 25, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software shares six best practices for implementing finance software in a changing insurance industry; Exhibits at Acord LOMA Forum, Booth #279, May 6–8" (April 24, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 sees impressive growth in SaaS and Subscription in the first quarter 2013" (April 23, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Seven steps for housing authorities to mitigate the impact of sequestration" (April 18, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software nurtures partnership with Caterpillar dealers at NADITA 2013; Financials software, the long-term accounting solution for Caterpillar dealers, will be exhibited in booth #42" (April 11, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software showcases higher education software at American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Convention" (April 9, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Three ways non-profit management software can support missions; UNIT4 Business Software to exhibit at the Non-profit Technology Conference" (April 4, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Agresso Education selected by leading Spanish Business School to enhance students’ entrepreneurship and employability; ESIC benefits from Group’s higher education management software solution" (April 3, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software Continues Strong IBM Power Systems Relationship at COMMON 2013; Coda Financials, Accounting Software for the IBM i Platform, Will Be the Centerpiece of Booth #204" (April 2, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Innovation Excellence Award finalists named by UNIT4 Business Software; Customers recognized for innovative use of solutions to present at UNIT4 Connects 2013 conference" (March 28, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "New business survey reports massive disruption, lost market share, and missed opportunities resulting from the inability of software applications to respond to ongoing change" (March 27, 2013
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software offers the travel industry tips to understand, speed adoption of cloud computing; Whitepaper, webinar, and other tools available immediately" (March 22, 2013
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software joins partner roundtable at IBM Innovate to Accelerate Your Business tour; Power Systems leader to address customer needs for real-time access to data and flexible reporting" (March 13, 2013)
Adra Match: "Adra Match introduces BALANCER – a new software to streamline the financial close process; BALANCER puts finance managers back in control of balance sheet reconciliation, reducing risks and speeding up the process" (March 6, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software joins partner roundtable at IBM Innovate to Accelerate Your Business tour; Power Systems leader to address customer needs for real-time access to data and flexible reporting" (March 13, 2013)
Company Folders: "Company Folders Becomes a Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partner" (Feb. 27, 2013)
Adra Match: "Survey: 72% of Finance Departments Report Little Trust in Month-End Close Numbers; Financial Reconciliation Process Fraught With Flaws; Staff Confidence in Numbers Lower Than Managers" (Feb. 27, 2013)
Compliance Week: "Compliance Week 2013 Announces Speaker Line-Up and Robust Agenda;Ed Breen of Tyco International and Jeannette Franzel of PCAOB First Announced Keynote Speakers" (Feb. 26, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 reports continued growth in revenue and profit in 2012" (Feb. 21, 2013)
Blue Stream Laboratories: "Blue Stream Laboratories Debuts Cutting-Edge Mass Spectrometry Methods for In-Depth Protein Analysis; Addresses Industry Demand for Advanced Approaches for Complex Biologics Characterization" (Feb. 13, 2013)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Announces Four New Proprietary APIs During 2012; Brings the CRO/CMO's Pipeline to 13 APIs" (Feb. 12, 2013)
Blue Stream Laboratories: "Blue Stream Laboratories to Offer Program on In-Depth Characterization of Complex Biologics; Evening Workshop on Using Advanced Mass Spectrometry and Biophysical Methods Follows MassBio's CRO/CMO Symposium on February 25th in Boston" (Feb. 7, 2013)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Sponsors Second Annual Massachusetts CRO/CMO Symposium; 40+ Companies Will Exhibit at February 25 Event to Highlight Local Service Providers From the Life Sciences Cluster" (Feb. 4, 2013)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse and Lutron sign agreement to integrate EcoSystem® across Lumenpulse’s portfolio of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires; Lutron’s award-winning EcoSystem technology to be embedded into Lumenpulse’s complete line of indoor and outdoor LED luminaires, bringing customers great design combined with significant energy and cost savings" (Jan. 16, 2013)
Company Folders: "Five Presentation Folder Trends to Look Out For in 2013; Eco-friendly options, new shapes and designs, and digital-age folders will be popular" (Jan. 16, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4’s Coda Mind Meld survey shows only 56 percent of employees using all of their vacation time; 84 percent of workers cite primary reason is that current work responsibilities pinch downtime; about one-third take only half of granted time off, says survey of 120 organizations in U.S., Canada and Europe" (Jan. 15, 2013)
Compliance Week: "Compliance Week Announces Top 5 Global Compliance Trends to Watch in 2013; Issues Include Mobile IT and Cyberattacks" (Jan. 10, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software Announces 2013 Top 9 Trends and Predictions: Cloud-based Infrastructure, Innovation and Customer Service will be Important in 2013" (Jan. 9, 2013)
American Red Cross: "UNIT4 CODA Receives Red Cross Recognition" (Jan. 9, 2013)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software’s Agresso Education wins industry honors with University Business’ Readers’ Choice Top Products for 2012 Award" (Dec. 18, 2012)
Compliance Week: "Registration Opens for Compliance Week 2013; Compliance Community's Premier Event, Now in Its 8th Year, Runs May 20 - 22 in Washington, D.C.; Significant Early-Bird Registration Discounts Available" (Dec. 17, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Registration opens for UNIT4 Connects 2013 -- UNIT4 Business Software’s annual user conference; Call for Innovation Excellence Awards Submissions Also Open" (Dec. 13, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Earns Industry Honors with the Cloud Computing Excellence Award; TMC’s Cloud Computing Magazine highlights Avistar’s innovation, particularly with its latest introduction: Avistar ConnectWare Conferencing" (Dec. 12, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Awarded US Patent for Lumensmart™; Breakthrough new technology allows LED luminaires to automatically detect and adapt to common lighting control protocols DMX, RDM, DALI and 0-10V" (Dec. 11, 2012)
UNIT4 Business Software: "Ottawa Community Housing Selects Agresso ERP Software to Better Deliver Quality, Affordable Housing" (Dec. 11, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Communications Issues Its Industry and Videoconferencing Predictions for 2013; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Cloud-based Communications and Interoperability are Identified as Important Industry Trends" (Dec. 5, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 SaaS and Subscription Revenue Now a $65M+ Business; Customer demand and sales growing rapidly worldwide" (Nov. 28, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Offers Transport and Logistics Companies New Approaches to Success: Automation, Integration, and Transparency Top Recommendations" (Nov. 15, 2012)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Launches Avistar ConnectWare™ – Makes Cloud-Based Videoconferencing Available to Technology, OEM, Service and Business Partners; Avistar ConnectWare™ Conferencing – Delivering Multiparty Videoconferencing via the xCloud – is First of Many Upcoming Avistar ConnectWare™ Cloud-Based Solutions" (Nov 13, 2012
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Announces 2013 Trends and Predictions" (Nov. 12, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse and Lighting Services Inc (LSI) Sign Licensing Agreement for Lumentalk™ technology" (Nov. 5, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse et Lighting Services Inc (LSI) signent une entente d’octroi de licence pour la technologie Lumentalk™" (Nov. 5, 2012)
UNIT4 Business Software: "The City of Penticton selects Agresso to support the City’s future requirements and growth" (October 31, 2012)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 announces performance for Q3 2012" (October 22, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Named a Contender in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Videoconferencing Equipment Report" (Oct. 16, 2012)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 obtains extra certification for information security in the cloudISO 27001 certification expanded with SSAE16 TYPE II, replacing SAS-70" (Oct. 18, 2012)
UNIT4 Business Software: "UNIT4 Business Software User Conference, 'UNIT4 Connects 2013,' Focuses on Growth, Innovation and Excellence; Event momentum building for Agresso Business World and Coda Financials customers; first-ever Innovation Excellence Awards program announced" (Oct. 10, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 Combines North American Businesses to Offer Customers Greater Coverage and Support, Integration and Additional Product Solutions" (Sept. 20, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 Coda Survey Dispels Conventional Thinking on Social Media, Mobile; IT and Financial Software Executives Polled Worldwide" (Sept. 7, 2012)
PCI Synthesis:"PCI Employees Set New Records for Chemical Entities Under Development and Number of Employees; Internal Olympic-Themed Competition Drives Innovations to Better Serve Customers" (Sept. 4, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Lands Prestigious Spot on the Inc. 500/5000; #1 All-in-One One Backup Leader Ranks No. 2269" (Sept. 4, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Backs Up Commitment to IT Pro’s with Free NFR Licenses; FR Licenses available to Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Certified Professionals, VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Professionals, VMware Certified Instructors and VMUG members" (Aug. 27, 2012)
Avistar: "Avistar Continues to Grow Revenue, Deliver on Partner Commitments, Deploy to Fortune 500; Company Experiencing Strongest Business Growth in Corporate History" (Aug. 21, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Gears Up to Showcase Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ at VMworld® 2012; Booth No. 2540 Also Offers “Down and Dirty” Physical and Virtual Dirt Bike Giveaway" (Aug. 16, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Extends Backup Exec Replacement Program; Channel Partners Cheer; Aggressive discount program extended after phenomenal Q2 success" (Aug. 15, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends and TwinStrata Combine to Deliver Triple Freemium with HP; Backup with Unitrends Enterprise BackupTM + 1 TB TwinStrata CloudArray®+ 1 TB HP Cloud Storage" (Aug. 10, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends’ Trade Up Program Extended as IT Staff Demonstrate Enthusiasm to Switch from Backup Exec; Aggressive discount program added to 2012 price list after phenomenal Q2 success" (Aug. 9, 2012)
Unitrends: "Nexsan and Unitrends Partner to Deliver All-in-One Backup, Archiving and Disaster Recovery; Joint Solution Provides Reliable Backup & DR Support for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Platforms" (Aug. 7, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Jordan’s Furniture Shops for Innovative Financial Solution to Augment Existing ERP System; And Chooses Coda Financials Due to Deep Functionality, Ease of Integration and Usability" (Aug. 7, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Upgrade to Coda Financials Destination: Control Boosts Efficiency of Finance System for University Physicians" (Aug. 2, 2012)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Announces Filing of Form 15 to Suspend SEC Reporting Obligations; Step enables Avistar to focus on expanding its business without costs and complexity of SEC public reporting requirements" (July 26, 2012)
umenpulse: "New Lumenpulse Website Glows Global Bolder visuals, enhanced navigation, better product searches for award-winning LED architectural lighting company" (July 24, 2012)
Unitrends: "ExaGrid and Unitrends Team to Deliver Lowest TCO and Scalability for Backup and Recovery in Heterogeneous IT Environments; Integration between ExaGrid’s Disk-Based Appliance and Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ Offers Cost-Effective, Scalable Backup and Disaster Recovery Features for the Enterprise" (July 18, 2012)
Centage: "Centage™ Corp. Announces Next Generation of Budget Maestro; Budget Maestro and Budget Maestro Advanced Planning Offers Enhanced, Automated Budgeting and Planning Software with Large Enterprise Functionality and Synchronized P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Reporting Priced for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses" (July 10, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Reports 96% Growth; Innovation and Expansion Outflank Industry; Backup Leader Announces 13th Consecutive Record Quarter, Launches Software Version of Flagship Appliance" (July 10, 2012)
Unitrends: "Continuing Expansion, Unitrends Adds Veteran Leadership to Management Team; New vice presidents add over 50 years of specialized experience to already stacked executive team" (July 9, 2012)
Birnbach Communications: "Centage Corporation Selects Birnbach Communications Budgeting and forecasting software provider taps Birnbach's deep industry experience for media relations, product reviews and awards" (June 26. 2012)
Unitrends: "Beyond Virtual™: Enterprise-Class Data Protection for Every Business; Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ protects by bridging virtual, physical, and cloud; Free Edition for up to 4 virtual machines" (June 21, 2012)
Centage: "Centage™ Corporation Appoints Barry Clapp as President & COO" (June 19, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Recognized for Transformational Financial Software Implementation; Work with Global Retailer Honored in “100 Great Supply Chain Projects” (June 14, 2012)
Centage: "Centage™ Corporation Expands CPE Certification Training: Centage now offers clients the convenience of remote training on the Maestro suite of software products while also earning valuable CPE credits, saving clients time and money" (June 6, 2012)
Unitrends: "Carol Meyers joins Unitrends Advisory Board; Veteran marketing executive for Rapid7 joins advisory board with tech firm" (May 31, 2012)
PCI Synthesis: "Alexander Tretyakov Joins PCI as VP of Research and Development" (May 30, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Communications Exhibits at the Forrester Infrastructure & Operations Forum 2012; Collaborating with Leading Industry Analysts, Partners and Enterprise Clients" (May 23, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Five Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Financial Software; Guidelines Released from UNIT4 CODA Based on CFO Survey" (May 23, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Showcases Best-of-Class Financial Systems at IASA, Booth 142; Highlights Ways Insurance Customers Can Gain Business Benefits" (May 22, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Lures Switchers with 40% Discount; Buyers who switch from Symantec Backup Exec eligible for aggressive discount" (May 22, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse receives U.S. patent on technology that converts analog to digital signals allowing lighting control over AC power lines; First issued patent of 7 patents pending around Lumentalk technology" (May 17, 2012)
Unitrends: "Unitrends Expands Channel Management Team with the Addition of Backup Sales Luminary Bob Gagnon New Vice President Adds Channel & Business Development Depth and Experience" (May 15, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Wins Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition Awards for Quality and Energy Efficiency; Lumenbeam LBX Pendant and Lumencove recognized for excellence in the design of commercial LED luminaires" (May 10, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Communications Announces Extended Multiparty Videoconferencing and Virtualization Support for the Avistar C3 Conference™ Solution; Demonstration available at Citrix Synergy 2012 Booth # 607" (May 8, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse challenges fluorescent market with release of Lumenline linear LED system; Innovative slim system brings benefits of high quality LED lighting to offices and educational facilities" (May 7, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Launches Lumentalk™ at Lightfair International 2012; Breakthrough new technology enables digital control of LED lighting over existing AC power lines, and reduces installation costs by 30%" (May 3, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Launches Lumentalk™ at Lightfair International 2012; Breakthrough new technology enables digital control of LED lighting over existing AC power lines, and reduces installation costs by 30%" (May 3, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 reports continued growth in Q1 2012 Traditional license and SaaS revenues grow Company increases investment in sales and marketing" (April 24, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2012; Total revenue increased 80% over first quarter 2011; Company experiences growth within key market segments and delivers on critical technology partnerships" (April 19, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Coda Financials Continues to Support Caterpillar Dealers" (April 10, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Coda Financials, the Retail Industry's Leading Accounting System, on Display at the Retail Technology 2012 Conference" (April 3, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Roundtables with CFOs Offer Insights on Cloud-Based Mobile Apps for Financial Management" (April 2, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Coda Financials, Best-Of-Class Financial Management Software, Selected by Pinnacol Assurance" (March 29, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Northeast IBM i User Group Conference to Host UNIT4 CODA" (March 27, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Axia Picks UNIT4 CODA’s Accounting Software to Boost Consolidation Process Selected for Ability to Handle Multiple Currencies" (March 26, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Sponsors, Mentors Walpole High School’s Robotics Team; Celebrating the team’s 10th anniversary of engineering, creativity and innovation" (March 20, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Wins Six Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA); LED innovator wins unprecedented six awards for product innovation and market leadership" (March 16, 2012)
PCI: "MassBio's First CRO/CMO Symposium on 'Accelerating Drug Development' Met With Huge Success; Sponsored by PCI, Event Showcased the Strong Massachusetts Life Science Presence of Contract Research and Contract Manufacturing Organizations" (March 14, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Wins Prestigious Red Dot Award for Lumenbeam LBX; Lumenpulse wins international seal of quality for outstanding industrial design" (March 14, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Recognized by TMC with Unified Communications Product of the Year Award; The Avistar C3 Integrator™ solution recognized as important enabler to broad adoption of unified communications within the virtual desktop environment" (March 5, 2012)
Joule Unlimited: "Fluor Awarded Renewable Fuel Production Plant by Joule" (March 3, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA to Host Roundtable at CFO Leadership Summit; Discussion to focus on Cloud-Based Mobile Apps for Financial Management" (Feb. 28, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 Reports Continued Growth in FY2011; SaaS revenues grow strongly; Group well positioned as move to SaaS accelerates" (Feb. 22, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Enters Into Strategic Partnership With Technolite for Singapore LED Fixture Market" (Feb. 15, 2012)
Joule Unlimited: “Tierney Tours Local Small Businesses, Highlights Need for Innovation, Job Creation” (Feb. 15, 2012)
Joule Unlimited: "Fluor Awarded Biofuels Demonstration Plant by Joule Unlimited" (Feb. 14, 2012)
Joule Unlimited: "Joule Elects Anatoly Chubais to Board of Directors" (Feb. 2, 2012)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Adds Manufacturing, QC, Business, and R&D Expertise" (Jan. 31, 2012)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Issues Top Tech, Business and Media Trends for 2012" (Jan. 30, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011" (Jan. 26, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "Coda Financials Still the Accounting Software Choice for Thompson Machinery Caterpillar; Dealer Continues Long-Term Relationship" (Jan. 25, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "New Lumenpulse catalog simplifies high performance LED fixture selection to help lighting specifiers bring ideas to life" (Jan. 19, 2012)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Enters into Strategic Partnership With Lightitude for Middle East and North Africa LED Fixture Market: Unique agreement ensures specifiers receive local support" (Jan. 17, 2012)
Avistar Communications: "A Job Well Done – Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award" (Jan. 10, 2012)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Issues Key Financial Management Trends for 2012" (Jan. 4, 2012)

Avistar: "Avistar Issues 2012 Personal Videoconferencing Trend Predictions" (Dec. 20, 2011)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Completes R&D Expansion; New Hires and 30-Percent R&D Expansion to Meet Increased Customer Demand From Biogen Idec, Others" (Dec. 13, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse imagines the Future of Light for 25th anniversary of Architectural Lighting magazine; Exhibit creates dynamic “mood tunnel” with LED lighting technology representing emotions and moods" (Dec. 9, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Opens EMEA Headquarters in UK; London office to support growing global LED fixtures demand" (Dec. 7, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Unveils Corporate Headquarters with Evolution of Light Event in Montreal, Canada; Facility supports rapidly expanding LED fixture manufacturer" (Dec. 2, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "BC Place Stadium Scores on the Vancouver Skyline with Lumenpulse LED Fixtures; Advanced lighting creates a customized, interactive and community-friendly entertainment experience" (Nov. 23, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: Webinar: "IBM & UNIT4 CODA Present a Best-of-Class Application Strategy; December 6 Program Focuses on the ERP Alternative" (Nov. 22, 2011)
WILDRZ: "'WILDRZ: Turtle Trouble,' a Multimedia Graphic Novel+, Puts Children into the Story via iPad App Needs to Raise $100,000 on Kickstarter for Development" (Nov. 21, 2011)
BurstPoint Networks: "Massachusetts National Guard Troops in Afghanistan to Connect by Videoconference With Stateside Families During Boston Bruins' Military Appreciation Night; USO, Boston Bruins, TD Garden and BurstPoint Networks Give Military Families Face-to-Face Communication" (Nov. 15, 2011)
PCI Synthesis: "PCI Synthesis Announces 8th Successful FDA Inspection; FDA Greenlights the Company's 6th Product Pre-Approval" (Nov. 15, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Funky and Famous Strip Mall Combines Lumenpulse LED Fixtures and Wind Turbines to Deliver Pop-Art, Energy Savings and Dramatically Improved Occupancy Rates" (Nov. 8, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse to Exhibit at LightShow/West 2011, Oct. 26 & 27, Booth #1012; Award-winning Architectural LED Lighting Fixtures on Display in Los Angeles; " (Oct. 25, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Expands its Virtualized Visual Communications Solutions and Demonstrates Cloud Ready Multiparty Videoconferencing @ Citrix Synergy; Avistar C3 Conference™ designed to fully support virtualized and cloud environments while delivering the industry’s leading all-software multiparty videoconferencing experience" (Oct. 24, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Third Quarter of 2011; Total revenue increased by 75% over third quarter 2010 Avistar achieves positive net income as its virtualized unified visual communications solutions gain momentum within the VDI industry" (Oct. 20, 2011)
UNIT4: "UNIT4 Reports Successful Q3 Performance; Increase in both revenues and EBITDA; Organic growth in traditional license sales" (Oct. 20, 2011)
Software Secure: "Software Secure Unveils Remote Proctor Now, a Cost-effective, On-demand Secure Testing Solution; Remote Proctor Now: Distance learning exams proctored by computer and webcam, authenticating the ID of online students and bringing integrity to distance learning programs" (Oct. 18, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA to Host Roundtable on the Cloud at CFO Rising Conference & Exposition Session to Highlight Potential Accounting, Process Control Issues" (Oct. 13, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Announces New Version of Coda Financials Software Designed for Independently Minded CFOs; Coda Financials – Destination: Control Raises the Bar for Financial Control with New Control Framework and Significant Power and Precision Controls" (Oct. 12, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Expands Lumenbeam™ Pendant Series with LBX (Xlarge) Version; New architectural LED fixture for large indoor spaces brings high design consistency and fast ROI through energy and maintenance cost savings" (Sept. 21, 2011)
New England Venture Network (NEVN): "New England Venture Network (NEVN)’s Rudina Seseri and Joe Medved Named to Boston Business Journal’s 40 Under 40" (Sept. 14, 2011)
Avior Computing: "Avior Computing Releases BenchMark V6 Software; Latest upgrade provides significant assessment creation, workflow, and reporting improvements and dramatically better time-to-value" (Sept. 13, 2011)
Avior Computing: "Avior Computing Releases ICD-10 Knowledge Module; Currently used by two of the top 5 US health plans, the module helps healthcare providers and payers achieve ICD-10 compliance and meet deadlines" (Sept. 13, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "LED Lighting Leader Lumenpulse Named to the 12th Annual PROFIT HOT 50 of Top New Growth Companies; Recognizes Lumenpulse's substantial global growth and award-winning LED technology" (Aug. 31, 2011)
Lumenoulse: "Lumenpulse Completes $16 Million in Series A and Debt Funding" (Aug. 8, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse LED Fixtures Illuminate “Lantern of Hope” at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center in Gilbert, AZ" (Aug. 4, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse to Present at the 31st Global Canaccord Genuity Growth Conference" (Aug. 2, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "Real Estate Investment Trust STORE Capital Chooses UNIT4 CODA Best-of-Class Financial Software" (July 26, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results; Revenue increased 44% over second quarter 2010; Company sees continued revenue growth and success within the unified visual and virtualized communications market" (July 21, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "Raven Industries Chooses UNIT4 CODA Best-of-Class Financial Software; Technology Manufacturer States Unified Ledger Rose to the Top Over Competition" (July 21, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "New Report Identifies Best-of-Class Technology as a Key Component in Achieving Profitability and Cost Reduction; Finance executives must leverage the best features and functions to support underlying business processes" (July 19, 2011)
New England Venture Network: "New England Venture Network (NEVN) Announces HLM Venture Partners' Yumin Choi As Co-Chair" (July 19, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Founder Named as Finalist for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2011" (July 11, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Appoints Chris Christiani as Vice President of Manufacturing Operations; Veteran LED Manufacturing Leader Joins Company’s Strong Executive Team" (July 7, 2011)
UNIT4: "UNIT4 Launches Shared Journey, The Cloud Platform for Shared Services; Public/Private Sector Organizations Benefit From World Class Coda or Agresso Enterprise Software in a Cloud-based Shared Services Environment" (June 17, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar’s Industry-Leading Personal Videoconferencing Solutions Now Available with Concurrent Licensing Support; New and Enhanced Avistar Editions Designed for Quick and Broad Adoption of Desktop Videoconferencing and Unified Visual Communications" (June 15, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Appoints Peter D. Karol Executive Vice President and General Counsel" (June 7, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA to Exhibit Best-of-Class Financial Systems at IASA; IASA Booth #136" (June 6, 2011)
Zebek: "FOX Charlotte Taps Zebek One-to-One LocalLite™ to Power Local Mobile Search App Zebek's Local Search Provides Users with Shopping, Reviews, Hotels, Local Deals and Coupons" (May 31, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar, Logitech and Partners Virtualize Communications and Workgroups at Citrix Synergy™ San Francisco; Market leaders work together to deliver an immersive personal videoconferencing experience for the VDI – connecting people, workgroups and partners in the cloud" (May 24, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "Retail Webinar on 5/24 Hosted by UNIT4 CODA; Focuses on profitability implications when integrating operational and finance systems" (May 19, 2011)
Lynn Lions Club: "Lynn Lions Donates $10,000 to the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, Inc." (May 18, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Lumenbeam LBX Wins LFI Innovation Award at Lightfiair International 2011; Designed for architectural flood lighting applications, Lumenbeam LBX offers simple maintenance, component replacement without having to replace the luminaire" (May 17, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse to Show 20 New LED Fixtures at Lightfair International Booth #3511" (May 12, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Appoints Lighting Industry Expert Gorm Teichert to Executive Team" (May 2, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA's Commitment to i Platform Continues to Deliver Flexibility and Simplicity to IBM Power Systems Platform" (April 26, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "Lumenpulse Lumencove and Lumenbeam take Gold Medals in Architectural SSL Magazine’s PIA Awards" (April 25, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 Reports Record First Quarter; Strong growth in all revenue categories and 23% EBITDA growth" (April 21, 2011)
Lumenpulse: *Lumenpulse Elects Bill Sims, Former CEO of Color Kinetics to Board of Directors; Company Announces LED Lighting All-Star Executive Team; With proven leadership, Lumenpulse is well-positioned in rapidly expanding LED fixture market" (April 19, 2011)
UNIT4 Coda: "UNIT4 CODA, Caterpillar Dealer Present Best Practices for Streamlining Accounting at NADITA Conference; Session Presents Strategies for Establishing Controls, Consolidating Purchasing Activity" (April 18, 2011)
UNIT4 Coda: "Karen Talboys Joins UNIT4 CODA as Manager of Professional Services" (April 11, 2011)
Camp Lion of Lynn: "Camp Lions Donates Bleachers to East Lynn Little League and Lynn Shore Little League" (April 11, 2011)
Lynn Lions Club: "Lynn Lions' Eye Mobile to Offer Free Screenings, 8am to 4pm April 16th and 23rd" (April 8, 2011)
Lynn Lions Club: "Lynn Lions Provides Donation to Aid Relief Effort in Japan" (April 6, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Speaking at the NAB Show/Telepresence World 2011; Avistar’s Chris Lauwers to speak on critical topic of bandwidth management within unified communications, videoconferencing settings" (April 5, 2011)
Unit4 Coda: "IBM Systems Magazine and UNIT4 CODA Host 3/29 Webinar on Financial Systems That Leverage the Strength of the i Platform and Power Systems; Addresses Best-of-Class Strategies as Alternative to Big ERP; Showcases Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising" (March 16, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Sponsors Aberdeen Group Report on Enterprise Desktop Videoconferencing Requirements and Considerations" (March 9, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA CEO Steve Pugh to Host Roundtable at CFO Rising on 'What CFOs Need to Know about the Cloud'; Roundtable to be held Tuesday, March 15 at the Bonnet Creek Hilton in Orlando" (March 9, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA White Paper Outlines Impact of Best-of-Class Finance Technology in Retail Organizations; Multichannel retailing, data mining and forecasting, non-resale procurement benefit from single finance system that delivers 'single view of the truth'" (March 2, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar and ilink to Demonstrate Industry’s First Fully Integrated All-Software Multiparty Videoconferencing Experience for IBM Lotus Sametime Users at CeBIT, Hall 2, Stand F 20; The Avistar C3 Conference™ for IBM Lotus Sametime solution designed to lower multiparty videoconferencing costs while delivering an exciting user experience" (March 1, 2011)
Lumenpulse: "New Lumenpulse Luminaires Enable Design Consistency Throughout Interior And Exterior Architectural Lighting Applications: Expanded range of Lumenbeam, Lumenfacade, Lumencove, and Lumendome products and the new Lumentask family of luminaires offer design consistency, sustainability and low maintenance" (Feb. 28, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Showcases Industry's Most Comprehensive Suite of Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions at Enterprise Connect Booth #1031" (Feb. 28, 2011)
UNIT4: "UNIT4 Reports Successful 2010 with Strong Final Quarter" (Feb. 22, 2011)
Birnbach Communications: "UNIT4 CODA Selects Birnbach Communications as U.S. Agency of Record (AOR); Best-of-class financial management and accounting software developer taps Birnbach's Social Media, Tech and B2B Experience" (Feb. 14, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "UNIT4 CODA Partners with IT Systems Integrator to Deliver Alternative to ERP Financials in Complex Accounting Environments" (Feb. 8, 2011)
UNIT4 CODA: "Bulk Transportation and Logistics Company Chooses UNIT4 CODA; Best-of-Class Financial Software Reliable Financial Intelligence Will Help Drive Competitiveness Across Diverse Range of Industries and Materials" (Feb. 1, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Expands Offerings with First Standards-Based Desktop Videoconferencing Application for Microsoft Lync; Avistar desktop videoconferencing solutions, gaining momentum throughout Europe, on display at ISE 2011 Booth #10K146; Avistar participates in three major industry conferences co-located with ISE" (Feb. 1, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Delivers Virtualized Desktop Videoconferencing and an “All-Software” Multiparty Videoconferencing Experience to IBM Lotus Sametime Users; Avistar – at Lotusphere Booth #808 – Brings VDI and Affordable Multiparty Videoconferencing to the Lotus Sametime Platform" (Jan. 31, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results For The Fourth Quarter of 2010; Company posts a full year profit of $4.4 million and positive cash flow; Investments in key go-to-market growth strategies continue" (Jan. 27, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Speaking at Three Major Collaboration and Visual Communications Industry Summits in Europe; Avistar’s John Dye to speak at InfoComm, Wainhouse Research and IMCCA Conferences; Avistar solutions on display at ISE 2011 Booth #10K146" (Jan. 25, 2011)
Avistar: "Avistar Issues 2011 Desktop Videoconferencing Trend Predictions" (Jan. 5, 2011

Avistar: "Avistar CMO Comments on Unified Communications and Trends in Videoconferencing Video Interview with TMC’s Rich Tehrani covers business videoconferencing, trends, challenges and more" (Dec. 2, 2010)
Zebek: "Zebek Launches Revolutionary Mobile Targeting Platform That Drives Personalized Content to Mobile Users; More Than 25 Businesses Tap Zebek's Platform to Enhance Customer Relationships Through Innovative Mobile Applications" (Nov. 18. 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Corporation Receives 2010 INTERNET TELEPHONY Magazine Excellence Award; Avistar C3(TM) Business Pro Edition Honored For Delivering Exceptional IP Communications Solutions" (Nov. 18, 2010)
Home Instead Senior Care of Norwell: "Home Instead Senior Care of Norwell Among First to Receive Home Care Accreditation" (Nov. 11, 2010)
Acronis: "Inc. Magazine Unveils Its Fourth Annual Exclusive List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000" (Oct. 28, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Report Financial Results for the Third Quarter of 2010; Company posts a year-to-date profit of $6.3 million and gains momentum delivering commercial-grade desktop visual communication solutions to industry leading technology partners and achieves large scale end user deployments" (Oct. 21, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Ranked Number 219 Fastest-Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2010 Technology Fast 500™; Attributes Revenue Growth to Its Ability to Serve the Rapidly Growing Virtualization, Disaster Recovery and Online Backup Markets" (Oct. 21, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis presents Acronis True Image Home 2011 for Netbooks; Focus on simplified management and optimized Windows® 7 support" (Oct. 19, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis launches two disk management products designed for business environments; Acronis® Disk Director® 11 Gives IT Administrators Powerful, Easy-to-Use Partitioning and Disk Management Tools" (Oct. 14, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Demos a Wide Range of Industry-Leading Videoconferencing Solutions at Interop New York 2010; Showcases unique technology leadership in booth #437" (Oct. 14, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Announces Breakthrough VDI Support and Demonstration at Citrix Synergy Berlin; The Avistar C3 Integrator™ solution and Logitech HD Webcam B990 deliver a high resolution video experience on low cost industry leading HP thin terminals" (Oct. 6, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Migration Tools Now Offered With Intel® Solid-State Drives; Acronis Software helps users transfer information to new SSD drives in minutes!" (Oct. 6, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis® announces general availability of acronis backup & recovery™ 10 online; Provides SMBs with image-based backup and recovery solution for physical & virtual environments" (Oct. 5, 2010)
New England Venture Network: "New England Venture Network (NEVN) To Host Panel Discussion on Public Relations and Social Media for Startups as Part of BREW Week, Oct. 13; "Using PR and Social Media to Generate Buzz for Your Startup" Features Candid Insights from Top Journalists and Bloggers" (Oct. 4, 2010)
Acronis: "New Acronis True Image Home 2011 plus allows users to recover to different hardware; New Boxed Product Provides Backup and Recovery combined with Powerful, Advanced Functionality" (Sept. 14, 2010)
Gilat: "Telefonica International Wholesale Services Chooses Gilat to Power Broadband Satellite Communications Network; SkyEdge II to provide corporate VPN and Internet services throughout Brazil" (Sept. 8, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis to Demonstrate New Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solutions at VMworld; See Acronis solutions on display at booth #1125" (Aug. 30, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis and iland Debuts Service for Cloud-based IT Recoveries; New solution to offer offsite IT disaster recovery for small and medium-size businesses" (Aug. 30, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis to announce online Backup and Recovery at vmworld, booth #1125; Vendor to launch image-based backup and recovery solution to the cloud to provide redundant backup & recovery data store for physical & virtual environments" (Aug. 26, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Offers IT Managers Tips and Techniques for a Successful Desktop Videoconferencing Deployment" (Aug. 25, 2010)
Acronis: "New Acronis True Image Home 2011 offers easy-to-use backup and recovery for everyone; New User Interface, Certified and Integrated with Windows 7, Enhanced Feature Set" (Aug. 24, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar's All-Software Architecture Powers Industry-Leading OEM Partner Solutions; New solutions from IBM, Logitech, LifeSize and new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure products, expand reach of Avistar's technology" (Aug. 19, 2010)
Avistar: "Desktop Videoconferencing Tips for the Business Manager" (Aug. 12, 2010
Acronis: "Free Acronis Webinar Offers Tips to Increase a Business' Disaster Recovery Capabilities; One in Four Businesses Fails After a Disaster; Webinar Offers Expert Advice for Complete Disaster Preparation & Recovery" (Aug. 10, 2010)
Abracadial: "New iPhone App Abracadial Improves Access to Your Contact Lists" (Aug. 3, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2010; Company posts a year-to-date profit of $7.8 million, wile continuing to invest in key growth markets" (July 22, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Appoints New VP of Marketing; Seasoned Veteran Brings Strong Credentials to Lead Acronis' Worldwide Marketing Efforts" (July 21, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Granted Patent for Real-Time Bandwidth Management; Patent technology maximizes bandwidth utilization as businesses increasingly adopt VoIP, audio/videoconferencing, and other unified communications features" (June 30, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis launches new disk management and partitioning solution; Acronis® Disk Director® 11 Home brings together popular disk management functions, partition recovery tools, and boot disk manager in one user-friendly package" (June 15, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Launches Free Disk Monitoring Tool to Help Businesses and Consumers Across the Globe Prevent Data Loss; New "Health Check" Helps Identify Disk Problems Ahead of Time to Protect Your Pcs and Servers From Failure" (June 10, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Announces Industry’s First Comprehensive “All-Software” Turnkey Videoconferencing Infrastructure; Avistar Solutions on Display at InfoComm Booth N2313" (June 9, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis offers business tips for effective it disaster recovery in upcoming hurricane season" (May 27, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar and Sotel Sign Distribution Agreement for Hosted Business-Class Desktop Videoconferencing; Delivering a commercial-grade, service-based, economical and secure desktop videoconferencing solution for small- and medium-sized businesses" (May 26, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis launches new education pricing program for the Americas; Competitive pricing program will ensure educational institutions have access to the entire line of Acronis products" (May 19, 2010)
New England Venture Network (NEVN): "New England Venture Network (NEVN) Announces Fairhaven Capital's Rudina Seseri As Co-Chair" (May 18, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Named Best of Synergy 2010 Avistar C3 Integrator(TM) - Citrix Edition Recognized for Delivering Desktop Videoconferencing for Citrix Environment" (May 13, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Is Verified as Citrix Ready" (May 13, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar C3 Integrator™ - Citrix Edition is Verified as Citrix Ready; Avistar delivers feature rich, scalable and highly optimized desktop videoconferencing to Citrix desktop virtualization users" (May 11, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar C3 Integrator™ - Citrix Edition, Highly Scalable Desktop Visual Communications for VDI Environments, Now Generally Available See Demo at Citrix Synergy Booths #526 and #536" (April 28, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Webinar Provides Insight on NERC's Critical Infrastructure Protection Initiative; Event to Provide Information About Role of IT's Disaster Recovery to Protect Cyber Assets" (April 28, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis to Host Free Webinar on Virtualization and Strategies to Optimize Backup and Disaster Recovery on May 4th" (April 27, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2010; Business continues to grow based on first quarter transactions yielding an overall profit of $10.2 million" (April 22, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Receives Unified Communications® Magazine’s Product of the Year Award Avistar C3 Communicator™ Recognized for Exceptional Innovation" (April 14, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Releases New Update for Acronis® Backup & Recovery® 10 Family; Brings additional functionality to VMware environments, enhanced usability, and refined workflow to line of products" (April 14, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Achieves VMware Ready™ Status; Acronis provides peace of mind to IT administrators migrating to virtual environments" (April 13, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Names James Caro Vice President of Channels for the Americas" (April 8, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Launches New Desktop Videoconferencing Editions Offering Unrivaled Price/Performance at VoiceCon, Booth #1031; Avistar C3 Communicator™ and Avistar C3 Unified™ Editions Are Designed to Reduce Desktop Videoconferencing Costs by as Much as 200 Percent" (March 22, 2010)
New England Venture Network: "New England Venture Network (NEVN) Recognizes TechStars Boston and Fairhaven Capital’s Rick Grinnell for its Annual Community Leadership Awards" (March 17, 2010)
Avistar: "Over 40 of the Industry's Top Vendors Make Announcements at VoiceCon Orlando 2010" (March 15, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis to Move its Corporate Headquarters to Woburn, Mass. Effective March 1, 2010" (March 1, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar and SCH Distribution Cement Avistar C3™ Distribution Deal Europe’s Largest Partner Network to Offer Avistar C3™ Solutions" (Feb. 24, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Hosts Free February 17th Webinar on Modernizing Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies" (Feb. 10, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Extends Home User's Information Protection With Security Solutions; All-in-One Security Combined With Trusted Backup and Recovery Solutions to Provide Comprehensive Information Protection Against Data Loss and Security Threats" (Feb. 9, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter of 2009; Full year revenues stabilized while loss reduced substantially compared to 2008" (Jan. 28, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis launches free deduplication as part of its disaster recovery offering; Free Deduplication Special Limited Time Offer runs from February 1 through March 31, 2010" (Jan. 27, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Monetizes Its Patent Portfolio and Closes Transaction with Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC; Agreement calls for Avistar to sell the majority of its patent portfolio to Intellectual Ventures Management, LLC for the sum of $11 million" (Jan. 25, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis Online Backup Gives Consumers a Personal Digital Safety Deposit Box; Expanded Service Protects Users’ Critical Files, Photos and Financial Data With Secure Online Backup" (Jan. 21, 2010)
Avistar: "Avistar Announces Manageable HD Support across its Line of Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions and Extended Support for IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5; Innovative HD desktop solution will be demonstrated at Lotusphere 2010, Avistar booth #709" (Jan. 18, 2010)
Acronis: "Acronis to deliver total information protection with security, online services, backup and disaster recovery" (Jan. 14, 2010)

Avistar: "Avistar Issues 2010 Desktop Videoconferencing Trends" (Dec. 14, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Taps Virtualization Expertise to Bring Instant Restore to Backup Solutions; New Release of Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 Cuts Recovery Time to Seconds with Standby Virtual Machines" (Dec. 1, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Expands New Product Offerings in the UK; JSR Technology Distributes the Latest Avistar C3™ Solutions via its Computer and Networking Services Group" (Nov. 17, 2009)
Acronis: "Steve Mann joins Acronis as Chief Marketing Officer; New Marketing Executive Brings Marketing Innovation and Growth Expertise to Storage and Disaster Recovery Software Leader" (Nov. 10, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis adds Ed Filippine as General Manager of the Americas; Technology Industry Veteran Brings Extensive Sales Experience to Storage and Disaster Recovery Software Leader" (Nov. 10, 2009)
Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts: "Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts Launches Song Dedicated to Family Caregivers; All Proceeds to be Donated to the Massachusetts Alzheimer's Association; Song & Fundraiser Inspired by Personal Experience, Recognizes National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month in November" (Nov. 5, 2009)
JCCs of Greater Boston: "JCCs of Greater Boston Sixth Annual Lights & Spice Gala To Highlight JCC Family Life; December 5th Event to Honor Jeffrey Savit, Immediate Past Chair, Governing Board Norman B. Leventhal Award to be Presented to A. Raymond Tye" (Nov. 4, 2009
Avistar: "Avistar Launches Two Industry-Leading Visual Communications Solutions, Delivering Business-Class, Desktop Videoconferencing to Microsoft OCS and Citrix Users; Showcasing solutions at VoiceCon San Francisco 2009 – Booth # 620" (Nov. 3, 2009)
Acronis: "New Acronis True Image Home 2010 Plus Pack Enhances Backup and Recovery for Advanced Home Users; Add-on solution extends portfolio of system and data protection solutions" (Nov. 3, 2009) "Interfaith Outreach Launches Refer-A-Friend Promotion; Interfaith Couples Who Submit a Request to's Officiation Referral Service for a Rabbi or Cantor Can Win a $500 American Express Gift Card; Site Helps 'Make a Match' with Rabbis to Officiate on the Special Day" (Nov. 3, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar CTO Dr. Chris Lauwers to Speak at VoiceCon on Quality of Service, November 2; Tools to Manage Bandwidth to be Discussed in San Francisco; Avistar Exhibiting at Booth 620" (Oct. 29, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Third Quarter 2009; Year to date revenues increase 23% and year to date loss reduced by 60% compared to 2008" (Oct. 26, 2009)
Acronis: "Migrating to Microsoft’s® New Windows® 7 Operating System? Acronis’ seven-step approach can make it a lot safer" (Oct. 22, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis True Image Home 2010 Earns 'Compatible with Windows 7' Logo; Award-Winning Backup and Recovery Software Meets Microsoft Standards for Performance and Compatibility" (Oct. 22, 2009)
Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts: "Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts Sponsors 'Senior Safe Driving Symposium,' Nov. 4 from 2-4pm at the Quincy Council on Aging Free Event to Offer Insight, Tips for Seniors & Families Featuring Panelists from the Mass Highway Safety, Mass RMV, AAA and AARP" (Oct. 21, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Ranked Number 130 Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte's 2009 Technology Fast 500; Attributes its 1,170 Percent Revenue Growth to Continued Innovation and Commitment to Customers" (Oct. 20, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Delivers Industry's First Backup & Recovery Software Optimized for Booming Netbook Market; Features Disk-Imaging Technology, Online Backup, Powerful Scheduling Capabilities and One-Click Protection for Netbooks" (Sept. 30, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis True Image Server for Windows voted Readers’ Choice Award Winner" (Sept. 23, 2009)
Acronis: "New Acronis True Image Home 2010 Delivers Powerful Insurance for Windows 7 Migration; Nonstop Backup Enables Roll Back to Any Point in Time; Online Data Backup Provides Secure Off-Site Protection for Files and Folders" (Sept. 15, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Aligns Sales and Marketing Functions to Meet Revenue Growth Objectives; Growing Demand for Avistar C3™ Solutions within its Technology Licensing and Distributor Channels Prompts Reorganization" (Sept. 2, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Makes Inc. 5000 List for Second Consecutive Year; With Three-Year Sales Growth of 448.4%, the Storage Management and Disaster Recovery Company Ranks No. 607 on the 2009 Inc. 5000" (Sept. 2, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Commits to 100 Percent Channel Strategy with Larger Reseller Margins, Distribution of $7 Million of Leads; Gold and Silver Resellers Will Reap Benefits from Enhanced Deal Registration and Channels 1st(R) Program" (Aug. 26, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Demonstrates Next Generation Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 in Booth #1319 at VMworld 2009" (Aug. 12, 2009)
Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts: "Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts Shares Talking Tips for Seniors & Families on When It's Time to Stop Driving" (Aug. 12, 2009)
Avistar: "ABP Technology Licenses Avistar Solutions to Bundle with Hardware Offerings; ABP Becomes First Partner to Bundle New HD Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions" (Aug. 6, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter 2009; Revenues up 61 percent, product revenues increase 189 percent against second quarter 2008; Fourth sequential quarter of adjusted EBITDA profitability" (July 22, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Deduplication Calculator Measures Storage Savings; New Competitive Upgrade Program Saves up to 50 Percent" (July 15, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Launches Next Generation Backup and Recovery Solution with Data Deduplication and Powerful Manageability Tools: Acronis® Backup & Recovery™ 10 Adds Scalability, Boosts Support for Virtual Environments for Enterprise and Small/Medium Organizations" (July 7, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar C3 Media Engine TM and Citrix Demonstrated at iForum 2009 Showcases Only Visual Communications Application Designed with Citrix in Mind; Avistar Offers Solution for Terminal/Thin Client Market, Delivers Robust Experience for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Users" (June 18, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar C3 Media EngineTM Debuts at InfoComm09; Revolutionary Software Component Brings Visual Communications to Any Application; See the Avistar C3 Media Engine in Action at InfoComm09, Booth #3675" (June 17, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Launches 'Visual Insights' – Industry’s First Fully Comprehensive Suite of Embeddable Audio/Visual Communication Components; Brings Quick & Simple Visual Communications to Applications with 'Prove Before You Purchase' License Credit Program" (June 2, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Desktop Videoconferencing Penetrates the Satellite and Specialized Telco Carrier Market with DaVinci Video Solutions Partnership; Avistar C3™ Ready for Prime Time with Global Specialized Carriers" (May 28, 2009)
Birnbach Communications: "Acronis Selects Birnbach Communications as Agency of Record; Thriving Backup and Recovery Software Vendor Leverages Firm's Social Media, Technology, and B2B/B2C Experience" (May 26, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Webinar Addresses Government Mandate for U.S. Healthcare IT" (May 26, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Survey: Home Users Live Dangerously with Computer Backup Practices; Nearly two-thirds of Users Back Up Every Two to Three Months or Less, But 80 Percent Report They Have Suffered Data Loss" (May 21, 2009)
JCCs of Greater Boston: "Campership Incentive Program Brings New Campers to JCC Maccabi Camp Kingswood; Kingswood, which runs July 1 through August 19, is warm and welcoming to first-time campers" (May 20, 2009)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Launches "Twitter Lab Training" for Clients; Serves as Introduction and Keystone for Social Marketing Offerings" (May 20, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Announces Technology Agreement with Logitech; Avistar’s Technology Licensing Business Continues to Grow with the Addition of Industry Leader in Internet Communications" (May 19, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Survey: Home Users Live Dangerously with Computer Backup Practices; 87 Percent of Users Back Up Every Two to Three Months, But 80 Percent Report They Have Suffered Data Loss" (May 18, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar C3™ Desktop Videoconferencing Opens New Business Opportunities for U.K. VARS, Resellers at Channel Expo 2009; Avistar, Booth #342, to Showcase Value Promotion of 1,000 Hours of Risk-Free Business-Class Desktop Videoconferencing and Special Show Promotion" (May 13, 2009)
Acronis: "Disaster Recovery and Storage Virtualization Improves IT Efficiencies; Free Acronis Webinar for Small Business and Enterprise Users" (May 8, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Mother’s Day Promotion for Home PC Users Features Discounts up to 47 percent for Backup and Restore Software" (May 6, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Offers Special Mother's Day Promotion for Home PC Users; Designed to Protect the Digital Family Legacy, Website Promotion Offers Discounts up to 47 Percent" (April 29, 2009)
Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts: "Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Selects Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts to Participate in Its Members Savings Program" (April 29, 2009)
Avistar: "Amba Research Selects Avistar Desktop™ Videoconferencing; Joins Avistar’s Securities Community Network for Financial Services" (April 28, 2009)
Acronis: "Worms and Viruses -- Make Sure You Can Restore Your Operating Environment Should One Slip Past Your Antivirus Software" (April 28, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Hosts Two Free Webinars This Week: Deploying, Restoring PCs/Laptops and Data Protection Made Easy" (April 27, 2009)
Avistar: "ESCO and Avistar Partnership Targets South East Asia and Offers Avistar C3TM Desktop Videoconferencing in Nine Countries; Informational Seminars Scheduled 27-April in Singapore" (April 23, 2009)
Acronis: "Acronis Earns Industry Accolades for Partner Program, Virtual Security" (April 21, 2009)
Acronis: "One in Four Businesses Fail After a Disaster; Free Acronis Webinar Features Experts, Tips on Disaster Recovery" (April 17, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter of 2009: Revenues Up 128%, Product Revenues Increased by 441% Against First Quarter 2008; Third Sequential Quarter of Adjusted EBITDA Profitability" (April 16, 2009)
Acronis: "Three Technology Tips for the April 15 Tax Filing Deadline" (April 15, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Announces Continuation of Nasdaq Listing Extension" (April 6, 2009)
Avistar: "Communications III is First VAR to Offer Avistar Desktop Videoconferencing as a Hosted Service; Hosted Desktop Videoconferencing Now Around the Monthly Price of a Smartphone" (April 2, 2009)
Avistar: "Thousands of New U.S. Resellers to Offer Avistar C3 Desktop™ Videoconferencing Through New Jenne and Avistar Partnership" (March 31, 2009)
Bridgestar: "Managing Nonprofits in a Tough Economy" (March 30, 2009)
Avistar: "Leading Systems Integrator AVI-SPL Teams Up with Avistar to Offer C3 Desktop™ Videoconferencing: Product delivers easy-to-use videoconferencing at a fraction of the typical cost" (March 24, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Adds Zultys to Its Growing List of Industry Leading Technology Partners: Zultys Licenses the Avistar C3 Media Engine – Powering Video for Zultys’ MXIE Unified Communications Desktop" (March 11, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Adds DataMart to Family of Worldwide Resellers; With 30 years of Communications Solutions experience – DataMart will sell Avistar C3 solutions" (March 3, 2009)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Names Gregg Bjork As President and COO To Fuel Business Expansion; Proven Leader to Drive Growth, Strategic Alliances and Corporate Effectiveness" (March 2, 2009)
Avistar: "Award-winning Avistar C3™ Desktop Videoconferencing Opens New Business Opportunities for VARS, Resellers at Channel Partners 2009; Avistar, Booth #1117, to Showcase Business-Class Desktop Videoconferencing at Industry-First Price/Performance Levels" (Feb. 25, 2009)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks' NAC Director Named 2009 Best Network Security Product Finalist by SC Magazine Europe; Leading NAC Solution Continues to Earn Prestigious Industry Honors" (Feb. 24, 2009)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's "Leadership Matters" Features Highlights of Discussion with Patti Stonesifer, Former CEO of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Issue Uncovers Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Moving from Corporate to Nonprofit Leadership Position, and Presents Insights into Building New Charitable Foundations" (Feb. 23, 2009)
Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts: "Rising Demand for Professional Caregivers Provides Opportunity in Tough Massachusetts Job Market; Field Offers Flexible and Recession-Resistant Career Option" (Feb. 9, 2009)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Defends Elizabethtown College From Conficker; NAC Leader Neutralizes Worst Worm in Years, Increasing Productivity and Saving Money" (Feb. 5, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Receives U.S. Patent for Text and Video Instant Message; Company’s 97 patents represent world’s most comprehensive IP holdings for real-time communications" (Feb. 5, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar and Fontel Team Together To Showcase Desktop Videoconferencing at the Internet Telephony Conference and Expo; Award-winning Avistar C3 to be demonstrated in Fontel booth, #729; Fontel Cites C3’s Growing Appeal to Resellers and Distributors" (Jan. 29, 2009)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Sales Jump 87 Percent In 2008: NAC Leader Grows Worldwide Customer Base and Expands Product Line" (Jan. 29, 2009)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar’s Leadership Matters Presents Strategies for Recruiting, Job Hunting During Tough Times" (Jan. 27, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter of 2008; Revenue, EBITDA, Net Income and Cash Flow all Increase; Metrics Move into Positive Territory" (Jan. 21, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar C3 ConferenceTM and C3 Tunnel ServerTM Debut at Lotusphere Lowering the Cost of Business-Class Videoconferencing While Delivering Ubiquity, World-Class Quality and Performance; Avistar, Booth #336, to Showcase IBM Lotus Sametime and Newly Launched Avistar C3 Products" (Jan. 19, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Expects 2009 Revenue Growth to Exceed 75% Gross Margins Projected to Increase by 25% to Approximately 75%; Net Income Expected to be in the Range of $2 to $3 Million; Cash Generation of Approximately $2 Million" (Jan. 14, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Schedules Fourth Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call for January 22, 2009" (Jan. 13, 2009)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Wins Prestigious IBM Lotus Award; C3 Desktop Videoconferencing and Collaboration Named Best Unified Communications and Collaboration Solution, Will be on Exhibit at Lotusphere 2009, Booth #336" (Jan. 7, 2009)
Avistar: "Elias MurrayMetzger Appointed Acting CFO of Avistar Communications; MurrayMetzger to Continue Company’s Focus on Building Bottom Line Efficiencies and 2009 Growth Following 2008 Turnaround" (Jan. 5, 2009)

Avistar: "Avistar Communications Continues to Build Momentum During Fourth Quarter of 2008; Current Q4 Forecast Calls for Continued Sequential Revenue Growth and Company Expects to Generate Cash from Operations" (Dec. 18, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's "Leadership Matters" Offers Points to Help Nonprofit Organizations Transition to Stronger Management in Tough Times: Celebrates 5th Anniversary Serving Nonprofit Sector with More than 46,000 Members" (Dec. 16, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Repeats as SC Magazine Innovator of the Year for Network Access Control; NAC Leader Earns Recognition for Breadth and Depth of Product Line" (Dec. 15, 2008)
Avistar: "ClearOne and Avistar Partnership Helps Companies Retain Face-to-Face Communications While Saving Money; Pristine Audio Combined with Quality Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions Support Corporate Initiatives to Reduce Travel Costs, Be Green" (Dec. 4, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar and CityIS Expand Partnership - CityIS Volume Commitments Open New Markets and Regions CityIS, Avistar's First Platinum Global Partner, to Deepen Relationship, Including Service for one of the World's Leading Financial Institutions, Demonstrating Additional Success in Avistar's Go-to-Market Strategy" (Dec. 1, 2008)
Joslin Diabetes Center: "Joslin research links genetic variant, poor glycemic control to coronary artery disease Study first to measure genetic association in people with diabetes" (Nov. 25, 2008)
Home Instead Senior Care of Massachusetts: "Be a Santa to a Senior Gift Program To Bring Cheer to Massachusetts Seniors Home Instead Senior Care To Sponsor Popular Holiday Program Even More Critical in Today's Economy" (Nov. 19, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Receives Five New Patents for Real-Time Communications" (Nov. 3, 2008)
Avistar: "NetServices Expands Partner Network with Avistar" (Oct. 28, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Delivers New Products To Identify And Control Network Users, Devices, And Behavior; Industry Leader Speeds Network Access Control Adoption with Trio of Point Solutions" (Oct. 22, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Third Quarter of 2008: Revenue Increased 51% over Second Quarter 2008, Demonstrating Continued Sequential Improvement" (Oct. 21, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Receives 2008 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award; C3 Desktop Videoconferencing and Collaboration Solution Honored For Delivering Exceptional Communications" (Oct. 16, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Schedules Third Quarter 2008 Earnings Release and Conference Call for October 21, 2008" (Oct. 16, 2008)
Avistar: "Beyondis to Distribute Avistar C3 Desktop Solutions in the U.K." (Oct. 8, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's 'Leadership Matters' Helps Nonprofit Chief Operating Officers (COOs) Find Resources for Support Organization; Also Offers COO Peer Networking Opportunities and COO Summit, Scheduled for Nov. 13-14, 2008 in San Francisco" (Oct. 8, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Named A Top 10 Company To Watch; Business New Hampshire Magazine Recognizes Network Security Leader for Tremendous Growth and Expansion into New Markets" (Sept. 26, 2008)
Joslin Diabetes Center: "Joslin Launches Unique Social Networking, Performance Improvement and Learning Initiative for Primary Care Physicians; Joslin Professional Education Consortium (JPEC) Offers Support and Education to Implement Best Practices in Diabetes Care" (Sept. 23, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar, IBM to Provide Bandwidth Management for Unified Communications; Avistar to Exhibit at Interop New York, Sept. 15-19 at Booth #1143" (Sept. 16, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Schedules Conference Call for September 17, 2008 to Provide Business Update" (Sept. 12, 2008)
The Magellan Network: "The Magellan Network (TMN) Announces Expanded Online Reservations Product Suite, TMN1" (Sept. 9, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Top Layer Security and Bradford Networks Announce Technology Partnership Extending Network Security from the Core to the Edge; The Combination of Award-Winning IPS and NAC Technology Delivers a Comprehensive, Defense-in-Depth Network Security Solution" (Sept. 9, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Independent Research Firm Cites Bradford Networks As A Leader In Network Access Control; NAC Pioneer Earns Top Score in Overall Strategy and Revenue Growth" (Sept. 8, 2008)
The Megellan Group: "Nielsen Norman Group Selects The Magellan Network's Seating Management to Its List of 10 Best Application User Interfaces (UIs); Seating Management Increases Restaurant Revenue, Guest Convenience" (Aug. 26, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Regains Compliance with Nasdaq Listing Requirements" (Aug. 25, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's 'Leadership Matters' Provides Insights into Considering Internal Candidates for Senior-Level Positions at Nonprofit Organizations Free e-Newsletter Addresses Challenges and Best Practices for the Hiring Process" (Aug. 25, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Earns Campus Technology Innovator Award; Campus Manager Recognized for NAC Deployment at Ohio Dominican University" (Aug. 19, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Receives Two New Patents For Login-Based Routing of Real-Time Communications Such as Instant Messaging, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Videoconferencing: Patents Seen as Further Validation of Portfolio's Fundamental Strength - USPTO Grants Over Microsoft Cited Prior Art" (Aug. 12, 2008)
Avistar: "Award-Winning Avistar C3 Technology Sees Rapid Distribution Through Partner and Technology Channel Strategy: Explosive Growth in Reseller, Distributor and Technology Partner Commitments Underpins Avistar's Turnaround Success and Product Expansion" (Aug. 7, 2008)
Avistar: "High Demand for Avistar C3 Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions as a Result of Partnership Between Avistar and the U.K.'s Touchline Video; Touchline Video's Extensive Channel Network Adds Avistar Technology as Users See Real Cost and Time Benefits of C3 Standards-Based Desktop Solution" (Aug. 5, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Announces Technology Agreement with LifeSize Communications" (Aug. 1, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Launches Business Development Office (BDO) for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Power Their Business; Combined with the $350 Billion in Contracts and Financing, ZANA Network Enables SMEs to View Contracts, Find Financing Opportunities, Keep the Business Pipeline Filled and Boost Revenue" (July 31, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar and Fontel Join Forces to Market Leading C3 Videoconferencing: Fontel's Extensive Channel Network Significantly Broadens Availability of Avistar's Solutions Across the United States" (July 30, 2008)
Bridgespan Group: "Bridgespan Group's 'Strategies for Social Impact' Makes the Case for 'Good Overhead': Investments in People and Processes" (July 30, 2008)
Bradford Network: "Bradford Networks Announces Record Growth in FY2008 NAC Pioneer Broadens US and International Customer Base, Poised for Further Gains in Growing Market" (July 30, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar and MVC Mobile Video Communications Team to Deliver Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions in Germany: Avistar's C3 Technology Strengthens MVC's Unified Communications Portfolio" (July 24, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Partners With CityIS to Deliver Desktop Videoconferencing Solutions; Avistar's C3 Technology's User-Friendliness and Cost-Effectiveness Essential to Addressing Client Needs in Challenging Global Markets; Expansion of Reseller Channel Key Component of Company's Strategy" (July 21, 2008)
Avistar: "Avistar Communications Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2008; Strategy Demonstrating Significant Sequential Quarterly Improvements as Revenue Increases 56%" (July 17, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network becomes the world's largest contractual portal for small and medium businesses; More than $350 Billion in Contracts, Updated Daily, Available Locally, Nationally, and Globally and Financing Available in 240 Countries and Territories; Experts Say ZANA Network Levels the Business Playing Field, Accelerates Small Business Growth Potential for 2008 and Beyond" (July 17, 2008)
Avior Computing: "Survey Finds Each Regulatory Compliance Effort Remains Its Own Domain; Silo Approach Prevails across Most Organizations; Avior Survey Underscores That Organizations Have More Work To Do To Optimize Compliance Programs And Processes" (July 14, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network's Unique Worldwide Partnership Portal Helps Small & Medium Businesses Boost Revenue" (July 8, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's "Leadership Matters" Addresses How Nonprofit Organizations Can Make the Right Hire; Free e-Newsletter Addresses Best Practices, Interview Questions for Hiring Senior Managers" (July 8, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Offers First-Of-Its-Kind Access to Global Sales Representation to Small & Medium Enterprises: As members of ZANA Network, SMEs can now leapfrog over competitors and expand their businesses by establishing a sales network of agents and distributors around the globe" (June 26, 2008)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Expands Services for ZANA Network; Online B2B Development Resource Supported by Growing Social Networking Practice" (June 16, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's "Leadership Matters" Addresses Challenges, Best Practices for Senior Managers Looking for Good Fit in the Nonprofit Sector; Bridgestar Reaches 40,000-Member Milestone" (June 10, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Secures $8 Mllion in Series B Funding: Updata Partners' Investment Will Enable Bradford to Further Accelerate Growth" (June 4, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Teams With Partsearch Technologies; Members have access to eight million original replacement parts and accessories for electronics and other office equipment" (May 27, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Works to Revive New Orleans Small Businesses; ZANA Network’s video series focuses on resilience of New Orleans small businesses and opportunities for others throughout the United States to step up and help" (May 20, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's 'Leadership Matters' Addresses How to Find Meaning in a Post-Retirement Career Marc Freedman of Civic Ventures Discusses How to Shape 'Encore Careers'" (May 20, 2008)
ZANA Network: "Top Three Tips to Make the Most Out of Online Social Networks" (May 8, 2008)
Luxoft: "Application and Product Engineering Services Leader Luxoft Posts 48% Year-End Growth" (May 6, 2008)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Opens Delivery Center in Vietnam Eastern European Service Provider is First to Go Global" (April 22, 2008)
Couplets: " Celebrates Second Anniversary Helping Busy Couples Find Like-Minded "Couples Friends" Based on Shared Interests" (April 22, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Offers Top Three Tips to Recession-Proof Your Small Business by 'Going Global'' (April 22, 2008)
Bridgestar: "April's 'Leadership Matters' Helps Career-Changers Be More Effective in Interviewing for Nonprofit Leadership Roles; 'Company' vs. 'Organization': What's Not Said is as Important as What is Said" (April 9, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Secures Guest And Contractor Network Access With New Enterprise Offering; NAC Director GCS Delivers Advanced Security and Simplified Operations to Manage Laptop and PDA Network Access" (April 8, 2008) "Interfaith Families Raising Jewish Children Strongly Participate in Passover Activities" (March 28, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology Selects Bradford Networks' Network Access Control for Wired, Wireless and VPN networks; NAC Director's Powerful Role-Based Controls Secures Guest and Remote Employee Access" (March 26, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie wählt Netzzugangskontrolle von Bradford Networks für leitungsgebundene, drahtlose und VPN-Netze Leistungsfähige rollenbasierte Kontrolle von NAC Director sichert Zugang von Gästen und entfernt tätigen Mitarbeitern ab" (March 26, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Offers NAC Trade-In Program for Customers of Lockdown Networks; Field-Proven Network Access Control Solution Delivers Smooth Migration Path" (March 25, 2008)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Participates in Microsoft’s Global Enterprise Product Launch; Luxoft experts spoke at events, technical conferences on working with next-generation application platform products" (March 18, 2008)
ZANA Network: "Hector V. Barreto, Jr. Joins ZANA Network Advisory Board: Current Chair of the Latino Coalition and Former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Continues to Support U.S. Small and Medium Enterprises" (March 12, 2008)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Signs Bradford Networks; Thriving NAC Vendor Joins Growing Security Practice" (March 12, 2008)
Bridgestar: "March Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Provides Insight, Strategies into the Right Time for Nonprofit Organizations to Expand Their Management Teams; Bridgestar Launches New Portal, Recruiting Nonprofit Leaders" (March 11, 2008)
Bradford Networks: " Picks Bradford Networks’ NAC Director For Network Access Control; Speedy Deployment and Multiple Operating Systems Support Key for Online Retailer" (March 11, 2008)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Becomes First CIS Partner OF Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University; Luxoft to Conduct Training, Offer Consulting Services and Perform CMMI® Appraisals" (March 4, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network announces Member Rating System; Feature serves as reliable reference for businesses looking to buy and sell with other ZANA Network members" (March 3, 2008)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Offers My Connections Feature Networking feature provides members with new ways to make the best business connections" (Feb. 27, 2008)
Avior Computing: "Avior Computing Launches and Announces Steve Katz, Former CISO at Citigroup, JP Morgan, and Merrill Lynch, Has Joined Avior's Board of Directors" (Feb. 21, 2008)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Becomes First in Europe to Achieve Highest Rating for the current version of CMMI® for Development Outsourcing Leader’s New CMMI® 1.2 Maturity Level 5 Confirmation brings the latest quality and Process Improvement Standards to clients" (Feb. 21, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Named Best Network Security Product Finalist By SC Magazine Europe; NAC Director Earns Further Recognition for Comprehensive NAC Solution " (Feb. 14, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Appoints Aguru As Swedish Reseller Partner" (Feb. 8, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Tackles Tough Hiring Questions for Nonprofit Organizations; February Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Presents Insights and Trends in Recruiting and Hiring Nonprofit Finance Professionals" (Feb. 5, 2008)
Joslin Diabetes Center: "Anti-Inflammatory Drug May Prevent Type 2 Diabetes" (Jan. 28, 2008)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Marks 6th Anniversary: Strong Results for Clients, Global and Web 2.0 Initiatives Translate into Agency Growth" (Jan. 22, 2008) "Interfaith Outreach Group Launches Video Contest" (Jan. 21, 2008)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Addresses How CFOs Can Make Numbers Come Alive for Nonprofit Management, Staff; January 'Leadership Matters' Provides Insight into Challenges, Opportunities of Engaging Colleagues in Financial Discussions" (Jan. 17, 2008)
Bradford Networks: "Columbia University Medical Center Slashes Help Desk Calls by 66% With Bradford Networks’ NAC Solution; Campus Manager’s Automated Policy Checks Produce Immediate ROI By Ensuring Up-To-Date Malware Protection" (Jan. 9, 2008)
Luxoft: "Global Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Celebrates First Anniversary of Thriving Vancouver, B.C. Office; Demand for Nearshore Software Development, Agile Expertise and Software Performance Testing Drives Triple Digit Q3 Growth" (Jan. 8, 2008)

Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks’ UK Partner Named CRN Specialist Reseller of the Year Campus Manager Helps Drive Khipu Networks’ Success in Education Market" (Dec. 19, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Examines How Executive Searches Lead to New Insights for Nonprofit Organizations December Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Presents Case Study of Fellowship Health Resources; Shows How Organizations Can Strategically Address Leadership Gaps" (Dec. 18, 2007)
Bradford Network: "Bradford Networks Named an SC Magazine Innovator Of The Year For Network Access Control; NAC Director Honored for Out-of-Band Architecture That Leverages Existing Networks" (Dec. 11, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network and Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Join Forces to Support Small Business Growth" (Dec. 6, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Members Get Access to Thousands of Government Contracts; New Service is Offered in Addition to a Plethora of Other Services Dedicated to the Success of Small and Medium Businesses" (Dec. 5, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Launches 90 Percent Insured Receivables Program for Its Small and Medium Enterprise Members; Members Protected Against Non-Payment on Domestic and International Deals" (Dec. 5, 2007) "New Study Shows Strong Participation in Christmas Activities Among Jews, as well as Interfaith Families Raising Jewish Children; Behavior Does Not Negatively Impact Religious Identity; Mother's Religion Does Impact Observance" (Dec. 3, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Teams With Members can benefit from ZANA-recommended books related to business" (Nov. 30, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Named Best New Technology Finalist at Healthcare IT Summit; Senior IT Executives Nominate NAC Director for Technical Excellence" (Nov. 21, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bryant University Completes New Emergency Notification System Using Bradford Networks' Campus Manager NAC Solution: Public Safety Messages Instantly Reach Student, Faculty, and Staff PCs" (Nov. 20, 2007)
ZANA Network: "Global Export Summit Opens New Profitable Markets to Small and Medium Businesses; ZANA Network Invites Presidential Hopefuls to Address Membership To Build Long-term Momentum for Small Businesses Without Borders" (Nov. 15, 2007)
Bridgestar: "November “Leadership Matters” addresses considerations, best practices, and benefits of effective decision-making approach for nonprofit organizations" (Nov. 6, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Brings Trade Experts Together at Global Export Summit to Help More Small and Medium Companies Do International Business; Resources Now Available to Make Global Business Easier, Safer and More Profitable; Companies and U.S. Government Agencies Come Together: Dept. of Commerce, Export-Import Bank of the U.S., OPIC and Dept. of State Join DHL Express, Atradius and Others" (Nov. 5, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Issues Annual Industry Predictions for 2008" (Oct. 31, 2007)
Bridgespan Group: "Bridgespan Group Welcomes Thomas J. Friel; Former Heidrick & Struggles Chairman/CEO Will Advise Bridgestar on Expanding Reach of its Talent-Matching Services" (Oct. 28, 2007)
Luxoft: "Deutsche Bank Receives Innovation Award For Breakthrough CRM System Built With Luxoft; Luxoft’s Financial Industry Expertise Also Highlighted at Outsource World New York" (Oct. 25, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Announces Version 4.0 of Campus Manager and NAC Director; New Functionality and Expanded Product Line Deliver Immediate ROI and Enhance Long-Term Security" (Oct. 22, 2007)
Mantas: "Mantas Launches Industry Best Practice Consortium; Consortium Fosters A Common Approach and Voice to Regulators Worldwide" (Oct. 15, 2007)
ZANA Network: "Atradius Now Helps ZANA Network Members Expand Their Businesses With Trade Credit Insurance" (Oct. 11, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Provides Insight into Compensation Issues as 'Bridgers' Transition to Nonprofit Sector October 'Leadership Matters' Addresses Key Questions; Provides Compensation Self-Assessment" (Oct. 9, 2007)
Luxoft: "ISVs Who Multisource to Nearshore, Offshore Locations Rate Service Providers Higher than ISVs who Outsource Only Domestically, According to Luxoft’s '2007 US ISV Market Report: Key Factors in Outsourcing'” (Oct. 2, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network and Grace & Wild Join Forces to Offer Affordable, First-Class TV Commercials and Web Videos for Small and Medium Enterprises Premiere Michigan Studio Puts ZANA Network Members in Best Light with Top Quality Commercials; Ideal for Auto Dealers and Retailers Nationwide" (Oct. 2, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks' NAC Secures 1 Million Users During Back-To-School Rush: Unique Pre-Registration Capability Reduces Demand on Help Desk Staff By Checking Student Computers Before They Arrive on Campus" (Sept. 28, 2007)
Luxoft: "SDForum Announces IT Outsourcing Panel Discussion: Speakers Explore Priorities, Critical Needs & Best Practices for ISVs" (Sept. 25, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Delivers Double-Digit Quarterly, Year-to-Year Growth in Revenue, Clients and Employees Driven by Strong Demand from European, US Multinationals for High-End Outsourcing Skills that Create Business Process and Technical Value" (Sept. 24, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Provides Insight into Qualities, Qualifications for Nonprofit Leadership September 'Leadership Matters' Features 'CFO Fitness Quiz: Are You Tough Enough for the Caring Sector?'" (Sept. 20, 2007)
ZANA Network: "Golf Company Owner Seeing Green Thanks to ZANA Network's Michigan Jump Start" (Sept. 18, 2007) Click here for photo or hi-res photo
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Opens Michigan to the World with Free One-Year Membership to its Global Business Development Resource: 'Michigan Jump Start' Makes 800,000 Michigan Businesses a Focal Point as a Product and Service Supplier, Manufacturing Resource and Outsource Center" (Sept. 17, 2007)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Launches New Test Automation Tool FITpro for Visual Studio.NET 0.5, Releases Next Version of FITpro for Eclipse Luxoft Canada to Sponsor & Speak at Agile Vancouver 2007 Conference" (Sept. 17, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Earns High Marks for Customer Loyalty in Analyst Firm Study: 78 Percent of Customers Would Look To Bradford for Future NAC Investments" (Sept. 13, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Collaborates with Aruba Networks to Develop Aruba Endpoint Compliance Systems: Extends Aruba's NAC capabilities with advanced identity, endpoint, and policy tools" (Aug. 24, 2007)
Luxoft: "Annual Luxoft Customer Advisory Board Focuses on Building Partnerships for Change and Longevity; Deutsche Bank and Ping Identity Speak on Outsourcing Relationship Success Factors" (August 14, 2007)
High Rankings: "High Rankings'(R) Forum on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Turns Four, Sees Significant Industry Changes; Visionary Jill Whalen offers insights and savvy advice based on 12 years of experience" (August 14, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Contributes New Test Automation Tool to Open Source; FITpro for Eclipse Plug-in to be Unveiled at Agile 2007 and Luxoft to Serve as Show Platinum Sponsor & Speaker" (August 8, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Offers Strategies on How Nonprofit Organizations Can Establish Effective Executive Director-Chief Operating Officer (COO) Partnerships; August 2007 issue of "Leadership Matters" Addresses Insights and Best Practices in Creating a Successful Leadership Team" (August 8, 2007)
Bradford Network: "Bradford Networks Doubles Annual Bookings with More than 100 New Customers Worldwide; Education, Health Care and Government Sectors Power Growth for Network Access Control" (July 31, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Announces Triple Play Growth Strategy" (July 17, 2007)
Reveleus: "Oracle and Reveleus Announce SunTrust Banks' Selection of Reveleus Basel II Solution" (July 12, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Provides Strategies for Establishing Effective Executive Director Search Committees; July 2007 Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Presents Search Committee Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations" (July 11, 2007) " Attracts Senior Couples, Age 50-plus, to Online Social Networking Site Designed Specifically for Couples to Make New 'Couple Friends'; 10 Percent of Members Turn to Site to Find Like-Minded Couples for Friendship Based on Shared Interests" (July 10, 2007)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Earns Frost & Sullivan Global Outsourcing Award for Outstanding High-End, Value-Added IT Service Delivery & Commitment to Customer Service; Outsourcing Center Selects Luxoft's Ping Identity Partnership as Finalist in Best Offshore Category" (July 10, 2007)
Mantas: "Mantas Takes First Place in Waters Ranking for Anti-Money Laundering; Solidifies 'Gold Standard' Position After Consecutive Wins in 2005 and 2004" (June 27, 2007)
ZANA Network: "ZANA Network Launches Business Networking Portal Connecting Small and Medium Enterprises Worldwide; Global Business Network Focuses on Profitable Sales Opportunities for SMEs, Offers Health Insurance, Financing and Other Business Services" (June 26, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "30 UK Universities and Hospitals Turn To Bradford Networks For Comprehensive Network Access Control; Out-of-Band, Multi-Vendor Architecture Delivers Flexibility, Speedy Deployment" (June 26, 2007)
Color Kinetics: "Color Kinetics Revitalizes World's Tallest Tower with Intelligent LED Lighting; Toronto's Famed CN Tower to Unveil Highly-Anticipated LED Lighting Installation on June 28" (June 25, 2007)
ZANA Network: "Welcome to The New Economy" (June 19, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Launches 'Bridging to the Nonprofit Sector,' an Multimedia Portal for Executives Considering Nonprofit Careers; June Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Addresses the Rewards of Bridging" (June 19, 2007)
Luxoft: "Global Outsourcing Powerhouse Luxoft to Serve As Thought Leader And Sponsor of Industry Events in Las Vegas & Russia; This Week Luxoft Client UBS to Speak on Best Practices in Vertical Industry Outsourcing" (June 19, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks and Its NAC Technology Makes CRN's ‘50 Emerging Vendors You Should Know’ Superior Innovation, Service, and Margins Impress Resellers" (June 7, 2007)
Software Secure: "First "Cheat-Proof" Exam Experience Now Possible Through Software Secure's Securexam Remote Procter System; Solution authenticates online test-takers, ensures secure testing environments both in and out of classrooms" (May 22, 2007)
Mantas: "Korea Exchange Bank selects Mantas Anti-Money Laundering" (May 21, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's May Issue of "Leadership Matters" Examines How Self-Exploration is Key to a Successful Job Search; Addresses Considerations in Moving to Nonprofit Sector" (May 9, 2007) " Celebrates First Anniversary as the First Social Networking Site Designed Specifically for Couples to Make New 'Couple Friends': Site Helps Busy Couples in 45 States, Across Urban, Suburban and Rural Areas, Find Like-Minded Couples for Friendship Based on Shared Interests" (May 3, 2007)
Bridgespan Group/Bridgestar: "The Bridgespan Group Receives American Express Grant to Support Bridgestar Initiative: Three-year grant to be used to expand services in New York City" (May 2, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Grows Revenue 60 Percent, Expands worldwide Reseller Channels University of Surrey, Healthcare, and Finance Sectors Trust Bradford's Comprehensive NAC Solutions for Wired, Wireless, and VPN Networks" (April 30, 2007)
Luxoft: "International Association of Outsourcing Professionals Names Luxoft as Rising Star in 2007 Global Outsourcing 100 and a Top Service Provider in Western Europe: List's Only Russian Company Earns Acclaim for Work in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Product Research & Development, and Information and Communications Technology Management" (April 24, 2007)
Color Kinetics: "Color Kinetics Projects 75% of Commercial Lighting to Be Led-Based By 2030" (April 16, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Finishes Fiscal Year Strong with 54 Percent Revenue Growth; US & Global Expansion, High Employee Retention Rate, and Doubled European Client List Punctuate Momentum" (April 16, 2007)
Joslin: "Here Comes the Sun! Summer's Coming and People With Diabetes Need More Than Sunglasses to Protect Their Eyes" (April 9, 2007)
ControlPath: "ControlPath Webinars to Help Organizations Slash Compliance Costs, Increase Efficiency: Education Series To Outline Top Five Compliance Challenges, Explain How To Improve Vendor Risk Management With BITS Standards" (April 2, 2007)
Mantas: "FirstBank of Nigeria Selects Mantas ONE for Anti-Money Laundering Solution: Bank Cites Need to Address Current and Evolving Regulations" (March 29, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Launches Web-based Resource for Nonprofit Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) Companion to Successful Portal for Chief Operating Officers (COOs), with More Portals Planned for Key Nonprofit Leadership Roles" (March 19, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar's March Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Profiles How Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) Can Strengthen Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness" (March 19, 2007)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Increases Co-Operation with Deutsche Bank to Exploit Their Successful CRM Solution Joint initiative to commercialise innovative ‘Client First’ tool" (March 15, 2007)
Mantas: "Top Israeli Bank Selects Mantas Platform for Enterprise Compliance: Mantas Selected to Boost International Growth" (March 15, 2007)
Mantas: "Global Finance Leaders Tackle Regulatory Compliance Issues at 2007 Mantas User Conference" (March 8, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft to Speak at, Sponsor Gartner Outsourcing Summit and SD West Conferences; Company Provides Thought Leadership on Success Factors for High-End Development Engagements and Agile Methodology" (March 7, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Announces NYC Seminar for Private-Sector Executives Considering Switching to Nonprofit Careers; "'Bridging' from Business into the Nonprofit Sector" Seminar to be held 9:00-11:00am on March 28th at The New York Community Trust" (Feb. 21, 2007) "New CBS Sitcom, 'Rules of Engagement,' Recognizes Couples Need Other 'Couple Friends'; helps busy couples across the country find like-minded 'couple friends'" (Feb. 15, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Offers Insight on How the Decision and Process to Create the COO Position Strengthens Nonprofit Organizations February 2007 issue of 'Leadership Matters' Addresses Considerations and Best Practices on Shaping This Critical Role" (Feb. 13, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Earns World's Top Spot in IT Outsourcing Product Engineering; Black Book of Outsourcing Recognizes Russian Leader's Expertise, Innovation" (Feb. 13, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Earns Positive Rating in Gartner’s NAC MarketScope Report" (Feb. 8, 2007)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks’ New NAC Director™ Strengthens Microsoft Network Access Protection with Control over Guest Access Bradford Combines Latest NAC Technology Into Microsoft Network Access Protection" (Feb. 7, 2007)
ControlPath: "ControlPath Signs Three Fortune 100 Firms for Its Compliance Automation Suite Healthcare, Financial Services, and Retailing Companies Seek Dramatic Savings From Operational Efficiency" (Feb. 6, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Takes Top 3 Vendor Position for Emerging European Market Category in Global Services 100 Ranking Recognized By Industry List As Innovation Leader in Complex Outsourcing Engagements for Third Consecutive Year" (Feb. 1, 2007)
Mantas: "Mantas Announces Global Launch of Mantas 5.0: Includes New Solutions, Scenarios, Analytics & Tools" (Feb. 1, 2007)
Reveleus: "Reveleus Unveils the First Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework for the Financial Services Industry: GRC Framework Enables Customers to Implement a Governance Structure, Manage Risk & “Future-proof” Compliance Spend on Current, Future Regulations " (Jan. 31, 2007)
Bradford Networks:"New NAC Director™ Delivers Comprehensive NAC Capabilities for Wired, Wireless, and VPN Connections: Unrivaled Seven-Point Identity Match and Role-Based Policy Enforcement Highlight New Bradford Networks Network Access Control Offering" (Jan. 23, 2006) Joslin: "Joslin Diabetes Center Names Ranch C. Kimball, Former Romney Chief Economic Advisor and Distinguished Business Veteran, as Seventh President" (Jan. 19, 2006)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Provides Thought Leadership & Sponsorship At Upcoming IAOP and Global Services Conference Events" (Jan. 16, 2006)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Hits 94% Employee Retention Rate, Wins 'Best Employer of Russia' Award; Luxoft Beats Global Employee Retention Standards in India and China, Fostering Strong Client Retention" (Jan. 10, 2007)
Bridgestar: "Utilizing Interim Leaders Delivers Strategic Benefits to Nonprofit Organizations" (Jan. 10, 2007)
Mantas: "FBR selects Mantas for Trading Compliance Solution: Mantas Enables Protection Across Business Lines, Geographies" (Jan. 9, 2007)
Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Issues Industry Predictions for 2007" (Jan. 3, 2007)

.Luxoft: "Outsourcing Leader Luxoft Opens Vancouver Office Expanding Global Service Delivery Models for Clients: New Office to Specialize in Agile Software Development" (Dec. 13, 2006)
Bridgestar: "December’s “Leadership Matters” Features Guide to Creating Effective Resumes and Cover Letters" (Dec. 13, 2006)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Marks 5th Anniversary: Strong Results for Clients Translates into Agency Growth" (Dec. 8, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Expands to 20,000 Members, Strengthens Nonprofit Sector through Talent-Matching, Content and Tools" (Nov. 28, 2006) "New Study Answers if You Can be Jewish and Celebrate Christmas: “Merry Christmas” Not an Issue for Interfaith Families Raising Their Children Jewish" (Nov. 28, 2006)
Veraxa Health: "Joslin Diabetes Center Launches Veraxa Health to Meet Large Unmet Patient Need for Timely Detection of Diabetic Eye Disease Joslin Vision NetworkTM (JVN), a proven retinal imaging service, targets millions of patients with diabetes at risk for vision loss" (Nov. 15, 2006)
ControlPath: "ControlPath 3.5’s Graphical Modeler Saves Time and Money When Deploying Compliance Management Software: Ease of Use Enhancements Combine with Automation to Alleviate the Pain of Regulatory Compliance" (Nov. 14, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Launches Web-based Resource for Prospective, Current Nonprofit Chief Operating Officers (COOs) and Hiring Managers" (Nov. 13, 2006)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks' Campus Manager Delivers Unified Network Access Control with Advanced Identity and Policy Enforcement Across Wired, Wireless, and VPN Connections" (Oct. 31, 2006)
ControlPath: "ControlPath Joins the Financial Institution Shared Assessments Program; Builds Industry Standards into Compliance Automation Management Solution: Financial Institutions to Realize Improved Efficiencies in Compliance Assessment" (Oct. 26, 2006)
ControlPath: "ControlPath names Growth Expert Christopher Poelma as new CEO Industry Veteran Brings Track Record of Technology and Sales Success to Compliance Management Software Firm" (Oct. 17, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft and Deutsche Bank Pick Up "Financial Outsourcing Project of the Year" Accolade at the Third Annual NOA Awards "Nearshore" capability, innovation and financial domain expertise are keys to success" (Oct. 17, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Releases Expanded "Guide to Navigating the Hiring Process" for Nonprofit Organizations New Edition Provides Tips on Creating Great Matches Between Organizations and Job Candidates" (Oct. 12, 2006)
AltruShare Securities: "AltruShare Securities Becomes First Nonprofit-Owned Brokerage Firm after Gift to Tides, Underdog Foundations Community Investment Enterprise business model combines traditional brokerage services with social responsibility; will reinvest profits to revitalize underserved communities" (Oct. 4, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Announces Free Monthly Seminars For Senior Executives Considering Nonprofit Careers "Bridging to the Nonprofit Sector" Seminars are Part of Robust Offerings" (Oct. 4, 2006)
Mantas: "Mantas to Provide the Habib Bank Limited, Pakistan with Industry Leading Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Compliance Software and Services; Mantas Continues Global Momentum, and is Deployed in More Than 100 Countries" (Sept. 28, 2006)
Bradford Networks: "Bradford Networks Webcasts to Highlight Network Access Control Best Practices; Leading Institutions to Share Hands-On Lessons From Securing Over Half a Million Students During Annual Back-to-School Rush" (Sept. 26, 2006)
Joslin: "Walgreens and Joslin Diabetes Center Form Broad Alliance to Improve Diabetes Outcomes" (Sept. 19, 2006)
ControlPath: "First Advantage Selects ControlPath Compliance Management Tools; Multiple Regulations, Protecting Client Data and Managing Enterprise Risk Drive Global Risk Mitigation Solutions Provider to Automate Compliance Processes" (Sept. 18, 2006)
Luxoft: "CEO's Of Luxoft and Ping Identity To Share Outsourcing ''Secrets'' At DaVinci Institute Event; Movers & Shakers Breakfast Part of Advancing Colorado Technology Week In Denver" (Sept. 18, 2006)
Bridgestar: "September Issue of "Leadership Matters" Examines Effectiveness of Nonprofit Boards: Offers five drivers of better performance" (Sept. 6, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft's Askhat Urazbaev Achieves Agile Certification: Russia's Leading Outsourcing Provider Enhances its Agile Development Specialization" (Sept. 5, 2006)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Signs Mantas and ControlPath Financial Services and Compliance Clients Join Growing Practice" (Aug. 28, 2006)
ControlPath: "Corporations Struggle to Achieve Regulatory Compliance Despite Increasing Expenditures: New ControlPath Survey Shows Companies Still Using Costly Manual Processes To Comply With Multiple Regulations" (Aug. 23, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Customer Advisory Board Offers First-Hand Input: Annual Meeting Attracts Firms Providing 95% of Luxoft's Annual Revenue" (Aug. 16, 2006)
Couplets: " Offers Solution to Celebrities in Transition Who Need New 'Couple Friends'; Whether just married, new parents or separated but dating - helps Celebrities find others based on interest, not Q Scores" (Aug. 15, 2006)
Mantas: "Mantas Now Offers Financial Institutions One-Stop Shopping for Industry Leading Database, Compliance and Risk Management Solutions; New reseller agreement allows customers to purchase Oracle(R) software directly from Mantas" (Aug. 10, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Earns Membership in the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program" (Aug. 8, 2006)
Bridgestar: "August Issue of "Leadership Matters" Showcases Flexible Work Models, Case Studies; Demonstrates the win-win as nonprofit organizations attract, retain employees" (Aug. 7, 2006) " Can Help Couples Make Close Friends, Socialize More" (July 25, 2006)
Bridgestar: "State of the Nonprofit CFO: July Issue of Bridgestar's 'Leadership Matters' Explores the Roles, Responsibilities and Challenges of the Nonprofit CFO; Report is designed to inform both hiring organizations and job candidates" (July 12, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Makes the Top 50 Best Managed Global Outsourcing Vendors 2006; Only Russian Outsourcing Company to Make the List" (July 12, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Opens Second Ukraine Office to Expand Near Shore Delivery Capabilities & Specialty Outsourcing Resources for Clients" (July 10, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Going from Second in Command to Chief Executive: June Issue of Bridgestar's 'Leadership Matters' Explores Ways to Make an Effective Transition" (June 7, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft to Drive Discussion on Russian Outsourcing At the Outsourcing Institute Roadshow in New York" (June 5, 2006)
Mantas: "Bermuda Commercial Bank Selects Mantas as Platform for Compliance and Risk Management; Benefits from Scalability of World's Leading Platform for Compliance" (May 22, 2006)
Mantas: "First Curacao International Bank selects Mantas' anti money laundering solution" (May 16, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Executives to Serve as Thought Leaders on Outsourcing and Marketing at Key Industry Events; Global Outsourcing Powerhouse is Silver Sponsor of ROSS 2006" (May 10, 2006)
Mantas: "Mantas Brings Best-in-Class Compliance Solutions to Regional, Local and Community Institutions" (May 9, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Finalizes Acquisition of IT Consulting International New Base of U.S. Operations, Strong Financial Services Expertise Are Hallmark of New Company" (May 4, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Business Planning Can Help Nonprofit Organizations Enhance Strategy and Identify Necessary Resources to Achieve Their Missions" (May 3, 2006)
Mantas: "Mantas to Offer Benefits of Teradata Warehouse to Financial Services Institutions Globally" (May 2, 2006)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Pairs up with as Agency of Record for PR Program Will Launch Online Social Network Designed Exclusively for Couples" (May 2, 2006)
Cohen Hillel Academy: "Cohen Hillel Academy Announces its First Online Auction as Part of its 50th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration; Nearly 100 Items up for Auction; One-of-a-Kind Items Available Only for In-person Bids May 23 after "Mandy Patinkin in Concert" (May 1, 2006)
Mantas: "Mantas User Group Meeting Highlights Regulatory Pressure and Evolution, Industry Direction and Best" (April 20, 2006)" Launches Social Networking Site Designed Specifically for Couples; Makes Finding New 'Couple' Friends, Easy and Safe" (April 18, 2006)
Luxoft:"Luxoft Acquires New York-based IT Consulting International; Deal Expands Outsourcing Leader's US Operations and Financial Services Business" (April 17, 2006) " Web Magazine Addresses the Impact of the Holocaust on Interfaith Families" (April 12, 2006)
Bridgespan Group: “Business Planning for Nonprofit Organizations: What It Is and Why It Matters” Winter Issue of Bridgespan’s “Strategies for Social Impact” Features Article, Related Case Studies to Help Nonprofits Better Understand the Business Planning Process and its Value" (April 11, 2006)
Chi Herbal: "National Survey by Chi Herbal Finds 90% of Endurance Athletes Will Injure Themselves This Year" (April 4, 2006)
Bridgestar: "April 'Leadership Matters' Provides Advice on How to Say 'No' to Candidates, Job Offers" (April 4, 2006) "Searching for Afikomen and Easter Eggs: Interfaith Families’ Attitudes towards the Spring Holidays; Despite Overlapping Holidays, Interfaith Families Keep Easter, Passover Separate" (March 28, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Makes the 2006 Global Outsourcing 100 List at the Outsourcing World Summit Ranked ?2 on list of 'Rising Stars'" (March 22, 2006) "Conversion and the Jewish Community: Current Issue of Web Magazine Focuses on New Outreach Debate, Offers Perspectives of Interfaith Families" (March 20, 2006)
Bridgestar: "March 'Leadership Matters' Focuses on Confronting the Nonprofit Leadership Deficit Three Steps the Sector Must Take to Address the Need for 640,000 New Leaders by 2016" (March 15, 2006)
Birnbach Communications: "Birnbach Communications Named Agency of Record for Luxoft" (March 14, 2006)
Bridgespan Group: "Bridgespan Group Identifies Nonprofit Sector “Leadership Deficit” (March 9, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Adds Cydnee Dubrof, Jengie Pineda" (March 4, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Named to the 2006 'Global Services 100' List of Most Innovative Technology Services Companies Second Consecutive Year on List Recognizes Luxoft’s Ability to Create Value for Clients, Stakeholders" (Feb. 13, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Behind Best-Selling Author Jim Collins’ “Good to Great and the Social Sectors” (Feb. 13, 2006) "Survey Finds That Religious Education is Important to Interfaith Families and That Growing Numbers Send Their Children to Jewish Day Schools: Offers First-ever 'Directory of Jewish Day Schools Welcoming Children of Interfaith Families'” (Jan. 18, 2006)
Luxoft: "Luxoft to Present at the International Conference on Global Document Exchange Company to Present on a Novel Approach to Business Oriented Enterprise Content Management (ECM)" (Jan. 18, 2006)
Bridgestar: "Reference Checks Should be More than a Formality January Issue of Bridgestar’s 'Leadership Matters' Provides Tools, Advice on Reference Checks" Jan. 18, 2006)

Bridgestar: "December Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Offers 'A Guide to Bridging'" (Dec. 21, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Celebrates Second Anniversary Serving Nonprofit Sector With More Than 11,500 Senior Leaders as Members" (Dec. 13, 2005)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Introduces LUXguide™ to Take the Guesswork out of Outsourcing" (Dec. 8, 2005) "December Dilemma Survey Provides Insights about Interfaith Families and Holiday Celebrations" (Nov. 29, 2005)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Is Among Finalists for Innovation, Vendor/Client Collaboration, and Solutions Delivery Awards at Global Sourcing Summit" (Nov. 14, 2005)
Bridgestar: "November Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Offers Insights from Young Leaders On Developing Leadership and Management Capabilities while Building Organizations" (Nov. 8, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Nonprofit Organizations Can Enhance Bridge to Diversity" (Oct. 18, 2005)
Luxoft: "Luxoft Named a Finalist for Offshoring Operation of the Year" (Sept. 29, 2005)
Luxoft: "Dmitry Loschinin, LUXOFT CEO, Elected Chairman of Russian National Software Association" (Sept. 26, 2005)
Bridgestar: "September Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Offers Networking Tips for Individuals Looking for Jobs and Organizations Looking to Recruit" (Sept. 13, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Expands to 10,000 Members in 20 Months by Focusing on Best Practices in Recruiting, Retention and Leadership" (Aug. 23, 2005)
Bridgestar: "July Issue of "Leadership Matters" Urges Nonprofits to Engage Boomers Looking for Meaning" (July 18, 2005)
Bridgestar: "June Issue of “Leadership Matters” Looks at Bridgespan Group Report, “Growth of Youth-Serving Organizations” (June 13, 2005)
Whitebirch Software: "Projected Financials 4.0 released! New custom report writer, charts and graphs. Custom ratios and covenants monitoring" (June 7, 2005) " Offers New Resource and Tips for Interfaith Weddings In Time for Peak Wedding Season, “Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Interfaith Couples” Offers Helpful Suggestions for Inclusive Weddings" (June 1, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Reaches Membership Milestone: 1,000th Organizational Member to Build Strong Peer Network in Nonprofit Sector" (May 25, 2005)
Bridgestar: "May Issue of 'Leadership Matters' Provides Insight How Nonprofit Organizations Can Mold Next Generation of Leadership" (May 17, 2005)
Luxoft: "ROSS 2005: LUXOFT To Sponsor And Speak at Forum Devoted To Fast-Growing Russian IT Outsourcing Market: Strong Presence in Sync With Company-s Market Leadership & Commitment To Russian IT Industry" (April 25, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Greater Boston Food Bank and COO Learn to Work Together to Achieve Mutual Goals" (April 20, 2005)
KVH: "KVH TracVision A5 and DIRECTV Service to be Offered through Cadillac Dealers Nationwide Award-winning TracVision A5 and DIRECTV Programming to be Available as Dealer-installed Accessory on Cadillac Escalade SUVs" (April 19, 2005)
The Bridgespan Group: "Enormous Challenges Face Youth Serving Nonprofits That Attempt to Grow, Expand Services New Study Examines How 20 Nonprofits Managed Growth in Face of Funding Restraints, Other Obstacles" (April 19, 2005) "Tips for Interfaith Families: How to Make a Seder Inclusive" (March 23, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Profiles Business Executives Who Successfully "Bridged" to Senior Careers in the Nonprofit Sector" (March 14, 2005) "More Interfaith Families Celebrate Passover Than Hanukkah:Despite Proximity of Holidays, Interfaith Families Keep Easter, Passover Separate" (March 7, 2005)
Bridgestar: "'What You Should Find Out about Your Prospective Role'": Bridgestar Offers Perspective on Questions Senior Nonprofit Job Candidates Should Ask During Interviews" (Feb. 8, 2005)
Orbeon: "XML Technology Provider Orbeon Joins Objectweb Consortium" (Feb. 8, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Membership Reaches 5000; Nonprofit Organization Seeks to Strengthen Nonprofit Sector by Enhancing the Flow and Effectiveness of Leaders" (Jan. 25, 2005)
Bridgestar: "Assembled Nonprofit Leaders Discuss How Organizations Can Go from 'Good to Great' Bridgestar Community Event Hosts Best-Selling Author Jim Collins" (Jan. 12, 2005)

Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Profiles 'Governance as Leadership' for Nonprofit Organizations Co-author William P. Ryan Offers Framework to Maximize Boards' Effectiveness" (Dec. 7, 2004)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Survey Finds Executive Directors, Board Members Aligned on Strategic Role of Lay Leadership" (Nov. 16, 2004) "December Dilemma Survey Finds that Interfaith Families Serve as Role Models for Tolerance During Hanukkah and Christmas Celebrations" (Nov. 15, 2004)
Vericept: "Visa International Chooses Vericept Corp. To Join Its Strategic Alliances & Investment Program: Partnership will Focus on New Solutions to Meet the Security and Privacy Needs of Members and their Customers Worldwide" (Oct. 27, 2004)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Issues 'The State of Nonprofit Hiring'; Survey Found Signs of Expansion and Continued Economic Challenge" (Oct. 18, 2004)
Vericept: "Vericept Corporation Signs United Technologies Corporation; Reaches Critical Mass" (Oct. 18, 2004)
Joslin: "New Joslin Web Site Educates Growing Latino Population Affected by Diabetes; Effort Designed to Reach More Latinos in the U.S. and Abroad Who Have or Are at Risk for Diabetes" (Oct. 15, 2004)
Bridgestar: "Bridgestar Releases 'Leading Through Crisis' for Nonprofit Organizations Guide Offers Case Study of Red Cross’ Post-9/11 Experience" (Sept. 16, 2004)

Client Highlights

NPR's Here & Now: "U.S. Students Headed To Hungary For International Biology Olympiad" (July 12, 2019), which hihlights the role of nonprofit Center for Excellence in Education.

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Gartner analysts can be tough to please but they named Cloudistics a "Cool Vendor for Cloud Infrastructure." Find out why IDC has named Cloudistics an IDC Innovator in a new report, “IDC Innovators: Virtualizing Infrastructure with Software-Defined Compute, 2017 (doc #US42024817, March 2017).

Congratulations to Digital Reasoning, listed by Fast Company as one of top 10 companies in Data Science(March 2016).

Washington Post recognized Edvisors in: "Grade Point: The go-to websites for the college search" (Dec. 2, 2015).

The New York Times reported that our article on behalf of Edvisors, "Help Is on the Way for Repaying Student Loans" (Aug. 14, 2014), was ranked one of the Top 20 Most Emailed NYT Articles of the day.

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What did SC Magazine say in a "First Look" at Bradford Networks' NAC Director?

"This is a well-thought-out product from a pioneering company that's been in the business of NAC (network access control) since 2002. In addition to the NAC Director, the company ofers a broad suite of implementation, customization and training services. When it comes to a comprehensive NAC product, NAC Director is the real McCoy. What we like: Breadth of support devices, comprehensive environments supported, out-of-band deployment, as well as depth of analysis of devices attempting to access the enterprise. What we didn't like: Nothing. This one's a winner from start to finish."

.And what did Mass High Tech think about a client announcement involving Logan Airport?

"The media coverage of FLIR Systems' infrared camera technology going into trials at Boston Logan Airport last week was a public relations triumph. So much so that even if the company doesn’t win a contract at the end of the Logan pilot program, Billerica-based FLIR goes home with a lot of free exposure."

Here's what our client had to say about the same project:

"I must tell you that I am impressed with your success on the Logan project. I believe your team is responsible for getting the full breadth of coverage for a decent story. Logan has generated double the traffic to our website from the weeks prior. It has resulted in calls to our office seeking information and collateral and additional leads to our sales team."

Check out our "What is Public Relations? and "Are You Ready for Prime-Time Scorecard?"



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