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Archived News for 2001

ExpertPR: Is That a Light at the End of That Tunnel? (Dec. 6, 2001)

Wall Street Journal: The Big Telecom Disconnect – Reform Act Hasn't Delivered Promises... (March 5, 2001)

Archived News pre-2001

KXYQ-AM (1010 AM), Portland, OR, "Dream Weaver Show," Feb. 19, 1998

CUPRAP: Personal Life Deficit Disorder A Malady Can Strike Anyone (Winter 1998) (scroll down to end)

Ragan Report: Back to Basics Strategists! (Aug. 18, 1997)

The Asian Wall Street Journal: "That's Not Your Colleague, That's Your Wife" (Aug. 13, 1997)

The Wall Street Journal: "Manager's Journal: Benchmarking the Joneses" (Aug. 11, 1997)

The New York Times: "Let's Make Phone Tag a Medal Event" (July 21, 1996)

The New York Times Magazine: "NYPD Blue" (Nov. 6, 1994)

O'Dwyer's: PR Opinion (Aug. 18, 1993)

The New York Times: "Mets Memo: Pay 'em When They Win" (June 13, 1993)

The New York Times "The Degree That Life Confers" (May 26, 1986)

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