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We help clients find the right way to connect with key audiences, whether using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or Foursquare, launching or refreshing a blog, Twitter feed, or blogger relations strategy. We've been ranked half a dozen times as one of the best social media PR agencies by TopPRAgencies and a top Twitter influencer in Boston.

We see social media as an important way to reach and engage clients' audiences, and that social media should be integrated with, and an extension of, an organization's marketing programs, its branding, positioning and messaging. Social media is an important component of the thought leadership programs we conduct for our clients.

What's important to recognize is that social media is no longer appropriate only for consumer companies. Today, even B2B companies must find ways in which they can be part of the conversation – because their customers are online and discussing topics that interest them, including B2B topics.

For our clients we have:

  • Conducted social media workshops for a Fortune 500 regional telecommunications company, the US subsidiary of a multinational conglomerate, a 100-year-old Boston nonprofit connected to a major teaching hospital, a Massachusetts franchise owners' group and others.
  • Conducted social media audits that help clients get a better sense of what their key audiences and competitors are doing online.
  • Developed social media strategies for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and more to take advantage of the different platforms and to extend the reach of traditional marketing programs. These initiatives have increased the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube downloads, Foursquare check-ins, etc.
  • Produced podcasts and video podcasts that provide insight into complicated technology.
  • Produced multimedia customer case studies that incorporate video, audio, still photography, text and social media for B2B and nonprofit clients.
  • Developed blog strategies for clients, including writing blog posts that improve clients' SEO-rankings, generate new leads, and drive traffic to their websites.
  • Conducted blogger outreach programs that have generated pickup of clients' news and insights.
  • Served as a go-to expert for reporters writing about social media and crises.

When American Public Radio's "Marketplace" looked at the impact social media is having on the practice of public relations, they asked Norman Birnbach for insight for its story, "Social media change the way PR firms do business."

Please contact us to learn how our social media workshops can help your organization.

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Multimedia Asset Production
Reaching today's customers and potential customers requires delivering information across multiple platforms and media – video, podcast, and text – but too many case studies come in one flavor: text.

Our Multimedia Asset Production service upgrades traditional print case studies to bring them into the social media age, incorporating video, audio, still photography, text and social media.

To better tell customer case studies, we interview your customers on camera, record audio and take photos of customers and their locations, bringing to life their stories that can be accessed on any device and format.

The result: We develop compelling customer case studies using text, video, audio and still photography, all collected at one time, to minimize the impact on customers' schedules.

When all the multimedia assets are collected, we post the video onto clients' websites, YouTube and Vimeo, Twitter and blogs. And we pitch those case studies to appropriate media who can access our multimedia library.

Here are some samples:

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Social Media Thought Leadership
We use social media to communicate thought leadership on behalf of our clients. Here are some of our thought leadership initiatives about social media:

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Award-Winning Social Media
Our work on behalf of our clients and the agency has received recognition and awards including:

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